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Looking back Now how do you feel about Peyton Manning being a 49er?

He's NOT the league MVP. He lost his 1st playoff game with a team that TIM TEBOW won one with. Nuff said! Needs a dome.
I live in NY ... there was a time when Giant fans would say "Eli is adopted"!!! Hee hee...
Peyton won the Superbowl... When the other QB was named Rex Grossman... aka RG3 & out!!!!
Choke artist. overrated.
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His brother got all the clutch genes in that family. Denver just spent a crapload of money, built up a ton of hype and ended up in the same exact place as they did with Tebow.
Thank god we didn't sign him. We would have never unleashed the beast that is Colin Kaepernick.
He went to Denver because they play in an easy division and he could run the offense the way he wanted.

I am glad he didn't come here, I was against it from day one. You seen that run game totally disappear for Denver the minute he went there and they became the Denver Colts right away with all that passing. One thing I love about Harbaugh is he likes to run it and sticks with this. Manning would not have wanted to run the ball and stick with it because he loves his passing stats just like Brees, Brady, Rodgers and the rest of the stat hog Dan Marino style quarterbacks.

He wasn't worth it, and when we reach the Super Bowl, he'll probably regret not wanting to come here and going to play for goat teeth's team instead. Denver got exactly what they deserved from Baltimore. I must say, I was getting sick of all the "he's the greatest ever!' talk. You would think they would get it after he blew the Super Bowl for the Colts a few years back.
Originally posted by 94605NiNer:
Tebow won a playoff game in denver

I know, when I realized that my brain exploded
So glad he passed on us. This team is set up to win now and in the future. Don't even want to think what would've happened to Kaep had he come here.
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There would have been even more of a furore for benching a future HOFer for a 2nd year kid!!
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i think it would have been great to have manning here... provided he took a pay cut.

manning is better than smith, and it would have been great to have kaep learn under manning for a couple years.
If Peyton had come to San Francisco (which I still think would've never happened, Harbaalke merely worked him out, I doubt any contract talks were discussed), two things would've happened:

1.) We would've never found out Kaepernick's true talent. Some other team would have. Peyton, who will probably play out his 5 year contract with Denver, or maybe 4 of the 5, would have Kaepernick looking elsewhere more than likely. I highly doubt Kaep would've waited until his sixth or seventh season in the league to get his chance to start.

2.) Peyton would've choked for us in the Playoffs like he always does. Also, in that process, his 20 million a year salary would've made us go all 2002 again, sending us into another rebuilding stage. F' that. This is why I was always against Manning, unless he wanted to come to us for 10m a season.

And look now? The 49ers are still alive and the Broncos will not only be watching the Super Bowl, but the Championship games as well. Hell, Tim Tebow at least won a playoff game in Denver. And it was against the #1 ranked defense, if not mistaken.
Originally posted by jason330i:
i think it would have been great to have manning here... provided he took a pay cut.

manning is better than smith, and it would have been great to have kaep learn under manning for a couple years.

Smith is not Manning, true, but I believe Smith is a better teacher than Manning. Smith seems to have coaching credentials once his playing time is done, if that's what he wants to do. With his intelligence and football smarts, I believe he could be one hell of a coach.

And Manning is an awful expensive teacher.
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
Manning $19,000,000
Kaep $680,000

LOL...this! Also, CK would be sitting on the bench and not showing off his talent. Thanks Peyton, we're doing pretty damn well without you.
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Not sure if I'm still high off of watching Kaep's performance over the weekend, but I'm glad the 49ers are where they are now. Knowing that Kaep is the man for the next 8 years versus having Manning for 2 years is a good feeling. I don't know if Manning would have been cool with running the ball as much as the Niners are. Maybe if he's a 49er, the running game wouldn't be used as much? Also, with the money saved form not having to pay Manning so much, Bowman got extended, hopefully Goldson as well. Seems really easy to say the Niners are best where they are at now with the QB situation. Kaep is going to redefine the QB position.
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