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Justin Smith and Colin Kaepernick
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Vernon Davis and Vernon Davis

They are going to take crabtree out of the game. VD will be the deciding factor if we win or lose throughout imo.
Kaep and my longshot Culliver.
Both fanbases have reason to feel good about their chances, yet be nervous at the same time. I just hope no blown calls influence the outcome of the game.

The key to the game are both lines. Can the O-line give Gore and LMJ big running lanes, and protect CK? Can the D-line DOMINATE like we've seen them do this season? If the lines play well, we will be able to run the ball consistently on O, and drop 7 on defense.
I know you said two, but im going to name 3 because two go hand in hand..

Frank Gore- We need to exploit the run game and control the clock keeping Rodgers off the field for long sustained drives.

Bowman/Willis- With no run game, Rodgers will expoit the short passing game, and use alot of WR screens. Our two headed monster in the middle needs to be fast to the football and make tackles with little or no YAC.
For me its Justin Smith and Aldon Smith. Aldon has gone sackless since Justin Left and Justins Tricep is an unknown until gameday.How these two guys perform will determine if we win or lose. I have no worries about establishing the run but pressure on Rodgers will be critical.
Tough call because it will take more than 2 for sure.

But to answer your question, IMO:

1). Justin on defense if not then Ray Mac MUST step up to add pressure on Rodgers.

2). The OLine - if they can keep opening holes for Gore, AJ to run then Rogers stays off the field. We contrl the clock and score points.
Originally posted by NCommand:
CK7...everything from pre-snap reads/adjustments, avoiding delay-of-game penalties, rallying his OL and receivers, accuracy, 2-minute offense, poise, etc. One thing that has worried me about CK7 is that to this point, he has been VERY lucky. The guy should have had close to a dozen turnovers by now. In the playoffs though, everything magnifies and those plays BECOME turnovers. This worries me...clock management and his two-minute offense. If he can keep the TO's down to 0, make the correct pre-snap and in-play reads and run a much better two-minute offense, we have a real shot here!

Culliver is my other worry. He has been getting beat and getting beat BIG on deep sideline routes as of late...some for TD's. He could be that X-factor that helps us win or contributes to a loss.

Coaching - 100% on game plan. This bad boy is on HaRoman here and Fangio better learn from his prevent-a-win defense against the Pats. If the Packers go to a no-huddle, we could be in big time trouble.
I think it was Arnold Palmer who said," works every time, the more I practice, the luckier I get."
CK7 Gore on O and the Smith bro's on D.
LMJ and Culliver....

LMJ and Walker, they are gonna double VD and crabs, and try to stop gore... If these guys can make plays that continue drives and get points on the bored it will make the difference.
What do you guys think would be the Offensive game plan going in?

Im setting all baises aside on this one. I've been a advocate Keap man waaaay before he got the nod so know I'm really scheming on this one. I think starting Alex this game if only for the first half would trick up all game planning the Packers have done. If he can run away with were in the NFCCG if this is not effective We go with our guy Keap FRESH late in the game to bring home the victory. As much as I don't want to see AS back out there, I think the strategy could pull off the win.
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Greetings 9er fans. First of all just want to say that this Packer fan has nothing but the utmost respect for your team and your coaches. Very few teams in history have come so far so fast. There can be no dispute that the four best teams in the NFC will all be representing this weekend. I can't remember divisions match-ups every being as good as we got going on here in 2013. I don't know about ya'll but I am bleepin excited. Anyway, I am predicting a great game and probably a close game. I have no idea who is going to win and neither do you. You may think I am crazy but I am somewhat glad to be on the road (See: Green Bay vs Atlanta 1/15/11 or Green Bay vs Chicago 1/23/11). I just hope it comes off clean and untainted (See: Jerry Rice Fumble 1998 Wildcard) and the best team rolls on.

Anyway I hope I am welcome here I might like to drop in again. I mean it's all about fun, isn't it? So good luck to you all. And if you don't believe in luck then you need to watch more football.
For individuals, Justin Smith & Frank Gore. For key positions, O Line and D Line.
I'll say Kendall Hunter and Mario Manningham
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