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Been waiting all season for this game, gonna be a chess match to the end. -A FG with less than 2 mins left will ultimately determine the outcome of this game.

This, we're 4-1 against the top teams(or so). Hopefully the niners will be 5-1. I got faith. Go niners.
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Stuff their run game, hit Brady hord

Touchdowns not field goals
Vince wilfork is a bad man! I would like go see him and justin smith brawl!
I expect a win. I expect our defense to dominate as well as our offensive line and kaepernick's athletic ability
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I feel like we can beat these guys. Our defense will rise to the challenge. The only guy that I'm worried about is Wes Welker, because our cbs have struggled against that type of receiver in the past. Also, Kaep might choke under the pressure, but if we can get a passable game from him and establish our running game, I think we have a decent chance.

Kaep might also rise to the occasion. Hoping he can do to the Patriots what he did to Boise State a few years ago.

It's clear that Kap is full of confidence. If Kap has a bad game in Foxboro it won't be for a lack of belief in himself. I have a feeling that our offense is due for a special game. Look for the read option to continue to evolve in our system and confuse the Pats D.

I have a lot of faith in Kap. In my opinion he is the complete package. This game will have a playoff atmosphere. What an exciting test for our young QB.
-Top scoring offense vs top scoring defense.

-2nd best rushing offense vs 8th best rush defense.

-The Patriots give up a lot of yards (27th in YPG) but don't give up a lot of points (7th in PPG).

-Patriots only home loss was in week 2 against the Cardinals,

This is going to be a really close game.
Play good D, run the football and score points. 49ers allday everyday!!!!
Superbowl preview.
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we need to get LMJ involved early and often.
All of our receivers, not just Crabtree, need to step up. They need to get separation and make the tough catches. Aldon needs to play out of his mind like in the Bears game.
CUT EM UP!!!!!

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I want to win this so bad, but feel we will lose on the road. Best case scenario I'm guessing is an OT loss. Worst case, something like 34-20.

So best case scenario is a 49er loss? Makes perfect sense.

Best case scenario we lose.

I'll have to remember that.

.. That's not what I meant. I meant the feeling in my gut is that the best I am expecting at this point is a close loss. Not the "in reality" best case scenario, which would obviously be something like a blowout Niners win. .. So let me clarify.
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Personally, I think the Patriots are overrated due to the weak competition the have faced in the AFC this year. I think we will beat them 28-21.

They beat the Rams 59 to 10, or something like that. The same Rams team we couldn't beat this year... in two tries.

yeah but pats didnt have kaerpernick
Aldon will get the sack record. SNF
We can beat the packers. the game against the giants was a horrible fail although the qb change will fix that. This patriots team is a great measuring stick. The may end up being the last major hurdle to our 6th superbowl victory!
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Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Superbowl preview.

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