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Who do you think is our best defensive player?

Dashon because he knocks people out legally then yells "GET UP...GET UP....YOU AINT HURT" like he did to Brandon Marshall, that was priceless, I was laughing so hard in my living room
Jesus Christ

because he is my copilot
Bowman, Willis,Smith,Smith,Goldson Brooks, Mcdonald Whittner, ok I can"t make up my mind.
NaVorro Bowman. No question. Pat would have been my first choice any year prior to this one, though.
You want to direct your eyes to Willis an Bowman because they get so much press, But man during games I cant take my eyes off Goldson. He is having just a fantastic season and he plays with such technique. If we decide not to franchise him again, he is gonna get a nice contract. Not a premium going for safties these days and he is 28 now, but he is really exciting to watch. All the complaining the Saints are doing on there message board, I guarantee they are praying for a safety like DG! He was laying incredible hits down and has been for awhile.
Patrick 'watchu talkin bout' Willis.
Justin Smith... he is the one tying up the linemen so Aldon, NB, and Willis can get to the RB's and providing the push up front to hurry the QB's
No question Patrick Wilis, he isnt getting the stats cause he has a better team around him but he never fails when he has to step up for the team.
Andy Lee

tough choice for me between The Cowboy and P-52 both of them make the players around them better. Guess ill give a slight and i mean a very slight nod to Willis.
Dashon Goldson

I like to watch him blow people up.
Originally posted by kidash98:
Originally posted by verb1der:
Justin Smith because he is the biggest Smith

I agree with this. Without the Cowboy, I don't think Aldon would be as effective.

- 98

Nor would Willis, Bowman, Goldson, or anyone else. Justin Smith literally helps EVERYONE else. That cannot be said about any other player on the team.
Aldon. He in't just a pass rusher with speed: von miller. He's a power rusher as well. Justin helps him but other DEs would likely help him make the same plays.
Originally posted by ItouchMyself:
Willis makes Bowman great.

Uhh, no. Bowman took over for Willis when he was hurt and there was no drop off. He was great without Patrick. Not to mention he outperformed Willis last year. Bowman is a great player regardless.
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