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Week 11: Thoughts after rewatching the game (twice)...

Originally posted by ninergold:
But did you see all the wham blocks and edges seals by DWalk?

You would think the NFC North would be well versed in the wham block by now.

We packaged it up with a nice little bow for the nation to see against the undefeated Lions last year and again in our prime time match up in Week 2 this year.

I guess the true beauty of the wham is that if you execute it properly the defense is always going to look foolish
That game was crazy. I was in shock during the game because what I was watching seemed to good to be true...I was watching the hope of every fan take shape as we finally had someone flashy, confident, and who could take our team to the next level. It was a crazy evening I was sure would change the course of 49er history.
Originally posted by ginseng1000:
Is it me or does Gruden sounds like he's in love with the 9ers. Seems like everytime he annouces for our games he showing too much love. (one sided)

Gruden LOVES the 9ers...always has. And I thank him for that in an East Coast world esp. on the national stage. That said, he needs to get our players names down. I think he incorrectly named 4 guys that game include, "Kevin Williams."
Originally posted by FourNine49:
Great analysis, as always.

One thing to add on Justin Smith. I think he is the NUMBER 1 reason as to why this defense as a whole is so unselfish. He sets the tone. He doesn't get any stats, but his motor is running the hardest every week.

Justin Smith is, and has been, the MVP of the team.
J Smith is like Pierce Holt used to be. He's the unselfish glue that makes others better.
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