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Best offseason move

Best offseason move

Lets face it , it was a damn good offseason.
Originally posted by TinyHandsBigHeart:
I wouldn't say our draft was the worst offseason move. Not convincing Peyton to come here was by far our worst move. Imagine him behind this O-line and with these receivers? Wow, we'd probably be undefeated.

cause the rest of our team would be exactly the same if we threw all our money at peyton
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Aaron Rogers
Boone, definitely. I was hoping, but not expecting, that he would turn out serviceable. Basically anything not as disastrous as Chilo would be a plus. The fact that he's turned into one of the best interior linemen in the NFL was a shocker.
You can't really say Draft was bad yet. IMO the 2012 Draftees were picked to play in 2013. Free agency will hit the Niners hard with the cap situation. Lets see what they can do late in the year. I'm rooting for an early clinch so we can see the rookies.
Really like the signing of MM & Moss to help the receiving corps...Jacobs is still to be seen
Signing Alex Smith and inserting Alex Boone at RG.
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drafting AJ Jenkins and LaMichael
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For immediate impact I say the Moss and Manningham signings.

But I think the BEST signing was locking up Brooks long term.

The dude is an absolute beast and I truly feel we have one of if not the best 3-4 OLB duo's in the league.

Honorable mention goes to inserting Boone at RG.
If you wanted Manning at 19 million this year and 20 million or so the next few years after that you can probably forget Carlos, Brooks, Manningham, Cox, Moss, etc.
You might also have to kiss Goldson and Bowman goodbye. We have half the defense coming up as FAs in the next few years and a good chunk of them might be gone because of the 20 million. That being said Manning probably would have made the most out of average WRs so we might have been fine there but think of our secondary without Rogers and Cox. Brown, Culliver, Brock, ?, ?... OLBs without Brooks and with Parys and Fleming going down. Aldon, Haggans/Bahktiari/Johnson?

Anyways, can't really decide my thoughts (not in any order) 1. Boone to RG instead of re-sigining Snyder. (worst guard to one of the bests). Also, helped Anthony Davis. 2. Alex Smith... Kap wouldn't have been ready at the beginning of the season. I don't know what would have happened. 3. Brooks.... like I said with the injuries we would have been in deep deep doo doo 4. Carlos.... Culliver could have started opposite of Brown if we didn't re-sign him so not really a drop off BUT we play with 3 cb's a lot and think of Cox or Brock in at #3? Big drop off. 5. Moss and Manningham... the way we finished last year at wr was atrocious. We have more depth and better players. Still haven't reached potential. So glad Ted Ginn isn't starting at WR anymore.

Edit: People will count out the draft as well but we added some great speed and play making ability for the future with James and Jenkins. We also got a 3rd which is top 2 in the round this year from Carolina and a 5th (indy) and 6th (dolphins) yet from trading down last year.
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Originally posted by English:
Lets face it , it was a damn good offseason.

Yep, very very good offseason and that makes 3 in a row. Just off the top of my head (probably forgot someone).

2010: Iupati, Davis, Bowman,

2011: Aldon, Culliver, Hunter, Bruce Miller, Carlos, Goldson, Whitner, Costanzo, Goodwin, not re-signing franklin for sopoaga (cheaper), clearing out old regime (clements, lawson, mays, laboy, spikes, etc ), Ray McDonald
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Originally posted by NTeply49:
My vote would have to be letting Snyder walk and putting Boone in at guard. The dude has been money and hes a good dude. Happy we gave him a chance and its paying dividends. After that, and since Boone isn't up there, I would say Moss and Manningham has been the best acquisition. They are both capable of playing like number one receivers, and are at least very solid number 2 receiver while Crabtree continues to grow. Moss draws double coverage every time he streaks deep, and since he took one to the house under neath i am looking forward to dbs trying to play a little closer with their coverage. I know V.D. and Manningham are the 2 guys I want Smith to throw to in those crucial clutch situations.
i agree with this. Boone in the lineup has completely changed the OL. Davis is playing like a pro-bowler with Boone next to him. its awesome.

Also, saying the draft was bad is one of the dumbest things i've ever read. Who could we have drafted that would have any sort of impact on this team? The starters and depth behind them is SOLID.
keeping big dix!
Originally posted by kush:
Easily starting Alex Boone. Our line has gone from slightly above average to one of if not the very best in the league.

Boone to RG instead of re-sigining Snyder. (worst guard to one of the bests).

Everybody is saying the same thing. Makes me wonder why Boone wasn't the starter instead of Snyder last year.
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