Pas, a way to counter physical DB's is to take our WR's to the Jerry Rice school of pass catching. Jerry was never the fastest, strongest or even quickest but he WAS off the LOS. He entire career was based off beating the DB of the LOS on his FIRST STEP. If he had to use his hands to gain leverage, he did...his body, quick burst, in-and-out of breaks, etc. The NY Giants have ALWAYS been hard on us b/c their defense was designed to counter our timing offense with physical, aggressive play. But the WR/QB will always have an advantage b/c THEY know where the ball is going...the stop the WR needs to get to and the spot to where the QB must throw it and the repetitious practice it takes to perfect those WCO timing routes.

That said, personnel helps too as we don't have a single prototypical WCO WR (bigger bodied, physical, taller, stronger, incredible hands, precise routes, etc.). Crabtree is probably the strongest of our WR's but he's been non-existent against physical teams esp. the Giants.
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