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Jacobs Tweet

Going to get cut. Harbaugh is gonna find out one way or another. If he sees that Jacob is not a team first player, he will get cut.
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The guy wanted to be here, thats why he came here. Jacobs wants to help the team, and hes not getting his opportunity.

80% of you guys in this thread would feel the same way if you were getting snubbed on gameday since you are healthy enough to contribute. Im actually pissed off with him because he is a vet who should be on the field before

CELEK, (the answer to your question).

I definitely dont like the tweets but I dont think people should play too much into it. Feelings change every day and once Harbaugh talks with Jacobs, he could be All-in for the 49ers again, even on the bench.

Dont be b***hing about wanting him off the team, then b***hing about us missing on our 3rd down conversions because he is not here.

I was the 1st one who was not happy about the signing, but now that he is a 49er, I want his ass on the field plowing through motherf**kers.

Lol at him getting "snubbed". You think coaching has a personal vendetta against this guy?

Bottom line is that if coaching thought he could contribute better than any of the rb's that suit up on gameday, he'd be out there. He obviously has stiffer competition than he did in NY, so maybe his best isn't good enough. He shouldn't be butthurt, he should try harder. Any he shouldn't use twitter as an avenue to b***h.

I totally agree
He can tweet from the bench all he wants
twitter ain't much diff than what people claimed TO did. U don't talk down on your team in public or lend your thoughts to that impression. If u have a problem, take it up in house and obey the code of locker room conduct. It ain't no honor in running off at the mouth outside the team. While u are a niner act like one and be about the team, not yourself. If your talent warrants it, u will find the football field. This should b common sense in the nfl but it ain't. So sad
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I'm just as disappointed as Jacobs... only for completely different reasons. He may have a niners uniform for now, but he brought his giant ego with him.
this is the same dude who wanted to be traded from giants because of various issues

he is not about the team, never was.
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well when jf stops talking about him, we know what that means for him
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You don't cut him......last thing we need is for him to go to the Giants, mid season.."here is the playbook, I made photo copies lol". Or Heck Green Bay (if he can still run the ball).

you hold on to him until after the season. If someone gets injured, you throw him out there so he looks good for the 31 other NFL teams next season (that would be on of his motivations) case scenario, he helps us out.

If he starts to really disrupt the team, then you suspend him for the season (ala T.O.)


Just another damn new York yuppy.........what a worm.
I think Jacobs gets used towards the end of the season, to give Gore some breathers, and in the playoffs when it really counts. Between Gore and Hunter, we don't really need Jacobs right now but its insurance that he is there. I think we see some Jacobs @ NE because he'll be another dimension to the offense.

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Brandond did Tweet the truth. This is the NFL which stands for Not For Long if you are not producing or winning. Gore and Hunter are the undisputed backs, if LMJ or Jacobs want to see the field it would be on special teams, and Dixon wisely carved out that niche.

So he answered the questions truthfully, at this present time Brandon Jacobs and LMJ are not good enough to suit up for games. The present start Gore and Hunter are better.

If one of the better players gets hurt, then Jacobs or LMJ could be activated.

It doesn't mean he should be saying he's ready to "peace out" on twitter. That's low class.

Maybe he should "Peace out". If he doesn't wanna be here, he should just keep running his mouth on public media. Dumb.
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Joe Szymansky ‏@Joe_Szymansky
@gatorboy45 dude come back to the gmen next year

Brandon Jacobs ‏@gatorboy45
@Joe_Szymansky I wish it was that easy.

f**k Jacobs. WTF is this guy still on the roster? Awful signings are awful. Time to admit our mistake and cut ties, and move on.
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Originally posted by GuessWhosOn3rd:
Joe Szymansky ‏@Joe_Szymansky
@gatorboy45 dude come back to the gmen next year

Brandon Jacobs ‏@gatorboy45
@Joe_Szymansky I wish it was that easy.


The fool who wags his tougue...he's sealing his own fate.
haha, if you google "Brandon Jacobs complains" hella stuff pops

from last year
Brandon Jacobs is Back at the Complaint Counter

That was a smart move, and his departure will likely come to pass because it gets clearer and clearer that Ahmad Bradshaw is the best running back on the Giants right now and there's no reason to believe he won't be the better running back going forward. They would need a complementary player, but why bother dealing with Jacobs' incessant dissatisfaction and high salary when you could get someone who has neither to do the same job?

Perhaps the funniest part of the interview is the way Jacobs' complaints about not getting enough carries to get into a good flow mirrors his description of his video game abilities. There's a sidebar about Jacobs playing Call of Duty in which he says that he doesn't like playing the game with teammates because he "can't get warmed up if I keep passing the controller back and forth."

There's a reset button on video games that doesn't exist in the NFL, so if he wants to convince the Giants to give him more carries, Jacobs should try to figure out some way to be ready to go when his number's called. Otherwise, all the complaining in the world is only going to guarantee that he's got plenty of time to hone his skills with a joystick in the years to come.

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