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Who is your favorite 49ers offensive Coordinator of alltime?

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Originally posted by Jcool:

Mike Shanahan by a long shot! He was a go for the jugular type of OC. He wanted to win games posting 100 points if possible. Steve young mentioned that after the 9ers beat the chargers in the super Bowl Mike Shanahan was upset that Steve didn't throw for 8TD's in that game. I love it! To me that is 49ers Football!
I'm surprised Norv Tuner's name isn't brought up by some.
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Shanahan put some very good twists into the Walsh offense. He picked up on Walsh's view of putting players in positions where they could succeed rather than just hoping for 1v1 victories.

I know it isn't in the topic but George Seifert deserves a shout out for the job he did as DC while under Walsh. I recall hearing Bill talk about how Seifert would watch Walsh diagram a new play or series and Seifert would then come back and show Walsh how he would destroy it. The give and take would sometimes get heated but in the end, Walsh truly respected George's understanding and made adjustments to many plays based on Seifert's input and that made the offense even better.
Shanahan hands down
Shanahan or Roman. These two are about the same level IMHO.
Incidentally the worst is Hostler
Ted tollner
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
Ted tollner

Good old Ted
I really don't understand how anyone would not list Walsh first unless it's just because you weren't born yet! Just an incredibly gifted play caller and game planner. His fifteen scripted plays (sometimes more, sometimes less) gave him so much information that the offense often just sliced up the D for the rest of the half. DCs tried to plan for this by changing their schemes after a set number of plays but by then the individual players would be set up, not just the DCs....and with his QBs trained so well in reading the D they generally still had the upper hand.
Mike Shanahan by far. Although Ricky Watters picked up more yards as a runner in Philly and Seattle, I loved the way Mike used him in the offense in '94. I also agree with Mike Holmgren being overrated. He essentially had John Taylor, Jerry Rice, and Joe Montana at the peak of their careers. But there was nothing that was truly dynamic or creative about his play design. I will also say that Marc Trestman was really handicapped in that he had NO running game to speak of.

I can't comment on Bill Walsh as OC, but for the few complete games I did see, it was truly a masterpiece.

I like what Roman is doing. He is definitely up there as far as creativity. Now I just want to see a few more things from them, like a 2-minute offense, a 1-minute offense, and a little quick strike ability. it doesn't have to occur on a regular basis, but enough that defenses have to account for it. For example, Joe Staley caught one, maybe two passes last season, but defenses are probably prepared to account for him which would open up some other things if we lined him up as an eligible receive this year.

I didn't know enough about football back then to truly appreciate the "glory days". For me, it's Roman, but I like what Norv had going too. I've secretly been rooting for him to fail every since he bailed on us. My wife is a SD fan.
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