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How upset are you?

Originally posted by 49erha:
Anger management? I'm upset but c'mon its just a game

Yea I probably need help, but if this is something that you can get over in five minutes, I worry about you
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I just feel bummed. Two years ago I don't even sweat this. but I had such high expectations for this season and game so it sucks. Clearly the coaching staff is going to have to make some adjustments. this was a complete team loss, offense, defense, and ST, and the bonehead coaching. I think what sucks more is that the Seachicken and the Tards are doing well so that sucks more.

anyway, i give myself 2 hrs to get over it. then on to Thursday and the Seachickens.
Originally posted by niners94:
Actually not at all. Dissappointed, but not mad.

This. During the game when it's close, I get pissed, but when you get your asses beaten in so thoroughly all you can do is accept it and move on.
Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
still got SF giants to look forward too, they in the NLCS , so atleast one team is doing good, hopefully giants come out and play unlike the niners today.

i hope they were watching and taking notes.
Originally posted by ninermedic:
I said this over in the gameday thread, but I'll post it again here...I'm not upset so much as concerned for the course of the season:

This isn't the same team as last year, and I don't mean that in a good way. Last year they were so cohesive, the product was greater than the sum of the parts. Even in their losses, they never let it snowball, always hung in there. So consistent. They were as strong as a "team," as a unit not individual players, as I've ever seen.

This team is not the same, at this point theay appear to be a completely average NFL team, capable of being up or down, winning big or losing BIG.
I agree, even in the losses last year....we were still in it till the end. The 2 losses this year....we blow outs basically.
Simply put, the Niners didn't show up to play, and the Giants did. Offensively, we squandered easy opportunities early, and defensively, we allowed Eli to sit back in the pocket and develop a passing rhythm. As the game wore on, we got tighter, and the Giants got looser. Horribly disappointing, and not at all that far off from how the Vikings game went.
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Just disappointed.

This game was circled as soon as we lost last year. We did not look prepared at all. Im disappointed and shocked.
We'll see how Thurs. goes. We'll see how well these coaches/players can bounce back. Today was just bad all around.
Niners should be better than this. I don't understand the lack of fight in the performance especially the offense. And Smith is the major part of it. Very disappointing.
Originally posted by Kronos2560:
I cant even describe how pissed off I am. This team is pathetic. Why are we even in the superbowl conversation? We get mopped against any decent team with a defense. Were by far the most overrated team in the league, and we have no shot in the playoffs.


I think coming out early and having success then missing a field goal, etc. just killed us. The offensive penalties need to be fixed.
Originally posted by LoneWolf:
Originally posted by BayAreaNinersFan:
I'm not very upset, I've been a little nervous that we were overrated. To me, the Vikings game exposed some real flaws on this team, and the Jets and Bills wins really mean very little to me. We haven't beaten a winning team, and I have ZERO confidence in Alex Smith getting the job done against the top teams.,

Everyone wants to talk about the Saints, do you people not know the Saints defense is trash?

I'm more sad than upset. Maybe last year really was flukey. Not sure we'll even make the playoffs this year.

Lose next week and this season really might start to slip away. The cheap contract given to Smith then becomes quite smart. And please play AJ Jenkins
Im only upset because the rediculous comments like the bolded will be in thick for the next week.
yes they'll be back thick becayse many people believe it. That being the case, calling something ridiculous which many people believe kinda makes you a hater bro. Agree to disagree if you aren't even going to try and rebuttal. Accept the fact that the entire Niner nation doesn't love having Alex as our QB.

Now don't get me wrong, I think he's decent. But the enormous disparity between his talent and some of the top QB"s in the league will, IMO, keep us at a mediocre level. I didn't buy into the whole 'regression to the mean' thing about our defense and not being as dominant this year, and I'm realizing it could be very true. So can Alex overcome this and lead us to victories in shoot-out type games? I just don't think you can positively say that.
Why the hell would we take out Alex after that moss play..enough with this lap sh*t..pick a QB and stick with him..this loss is all on us
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Not upset . Will be extremely concerned if we play like this Thursday Short week be damned
Originally posted by CainanUK:
I am upset. Mainly because we have forgotten what got us 15 wins last season.

Execution and coaching.

We executed all game last season. Our playbook wasn't filled with little cutesy plays that may work in college, but don't cut it in the NFL. We have played 2 good teams this year, and got our arses handed to us in both of them.

The penalties have been pretty disappointing. Key penalties that lead into 3rd and long situations, as times they've been extremely undisciplined, scarily reminiscent of the Singletary era, hell the offensive playcalling looked like classic Jimmy Raye, retarded looking and inappropriate plays, the attempts at trickery are not working, it simply throws the offense off their rhythmn.....not good.
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