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How upset are you?

I just put a golf ball through my TV. I've waited for this game for 9 months, and this is how we come out. Unreal. Garbage performance. Does anything ever go wrong for New York?
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you destroyed your tv
Not mad at all. Maybe it has to do with us already playing on Thursday. Also because the SF Giants play right after
our coacing staff is wasting our talent
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Originally posted by YungAce:
Not mad at all. Maybe it has to do with us already playing on Thursday. Also because the SF Giants play right after

Originally posted by ILoveAmir:
you destroyed your tv

Ok if the SF GIants weren't in the playoffs I probably would have punched a hole in the window
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That was not very smart, breaking your TV man. Now you gotta replace it.

But I am not that upset because they were getting beat all game. It wasn't that surprising. NYG is a very good team and they got Eli + Cruz... two elite players.
We got out coached, played and couldnt recover from mistakes.
3 points at home. Revenge game. Only score 3 points. Highest QB rated QB throws 3 picks and looks lost out there.

Yea, pretty sickening.
Not that mad. I think as a 49er fan you kind of have learned to expect this kind of performance. I'm sad that we came out against only the second good team we've played this season and once again got destroyed. We're a mediocre team and I think that is something we just have to accept. Our chance to win the SB was last year and we blew it and who knows if any of us will still be alive when the next chance comes around.
Ha, well I'm an Orioles fan, so I've had my ass handed to me by that s**t hole New York all weekend. This was the breaking point. What a gutless performance

Just disappointed and a bit worried about our OL, OC, and yes... even Alex's decision making when he HAS to force things due to bad down and distances.
Very Upset.....this was a statement game for the season! You can say this was just any other game BUT these were the SB champs who took that away from us. The Giants are a well balanced team, just like us. We will have a hard time against teams that are balanced.

The Hawks just beat NE by another last second TD from Wilson. They are going to come to Candlestick with alot of confidence on a short week
I am upset. Mainly because we have forgotten what got us 15 wins last season.

Execution and coaching.

We executed all game last season. Our playbook wasn't filled with little cutesy plays that may work in college, but don't cut it in the NFL. We have played 2 good teams this year, and got our arses handed to us in both of them.
Not even mad, bro.

4-2 is very good. We're still in the hunt for the 2nd seed in the NFC. We def. need to improve, but this is a humbling experience for us fans and esp. the players.
still got SF giants to look forward too, they in the NLCS , so atleast one team is doing good, hopefully giants come out and play unlike the niners today.
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