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Does the Niners' success/turnaround still feel a bit surreal to you?

Does the Niners' success/turnaround still feel a bit surreal to you?

I wouldn't call it surreal. The beautiful thing about the NFL is the hard cap and this tends to make the league cyclical. We haven't been good in many years so we are rewarded with nice high draft picks and that is bound to amass our team with talent. This has happened. All it took was a good coach and the removal of Alex Smith (boat anchor) and we are SB contenders.

It's funny because you'd always hear the experts saying "the Niner's are a very good team but they still have Alex Smith at QB." I used to get very upset at that statement and do my best to argue that Alex is a good QB who's capable of taking us to the SB. But that argument is over now that CK is the starter. All I can say now is that Kaepernick makes a HUGE difference and the sky is the limit for this team.

I fully expect the Niners to win #6 tomorrow :)
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It's like a vision finally coming true! Can't wait until I make it to New Orleans tomorrow
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How do you know Colin? Still can't believe we're in the big game tomorrow. It feels like we've won it all against the Falcons

We were next door neihbors up to 2004...Him and my daughter went to school from K-12..One of the nicest and good natured kids you'll ever meet..
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