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Is the 49ers offence to conservative?

Too many jumbo formations? ..we are running the ball too much?

we are 2-0 playing power football , I guess winning by nine points is "winning ugly" to some people
Our brand of football is old school. But, when we do open it up we have good sucess (especially when guys are actually catching the ball). At this point, I have absolute confidence in Alex if we decide to open it up. Our offense is fluid and Alex usually checks to the right play.
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Originally posted by SealTeam6:
Stop dropping passes and it will look a lot sexier.

There was one possession late in the game where the 49ers had crossed midfield, then 3 straight catch able passes were not hauled in, pretty shocking. Frank, Vernon and Mario were the culprits.
Its a very smart offense - no unnecessary chances.

Still, I'd have been a bit more comfortable with an extra score in the 4th quarter.
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Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Its a very smart offense - no unnecessary chances.

Still, I'd have been a bit more comfortable with an extra score in the 4th quarter.

three drops on one drive plus walker deciding to hold someone cost us 14 points in my opinion. the little screen pass was just a fluke for them
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Not to mention I have Vernon and Frank (6th round steal) on my fantasy team and they are lighting it up right now. Make no changes! :)
Okay, watch the score board, and watch the play calling. JH is certainly from the keep it close school of thought. Once we are up by two scores 10 points or more, we slow it down, and here is why, JH and company are very good game planners, if they are seeing what they expected form the opponent, and they have correctly game planned, they are confident they can score when they need it, see the Saints game in the play offs.

We had the Saints number, until time started to expire, and they tossed their game plan out the window in desperation. Once a team tosses it's game plan, and becomes less predictable, all of your game planning goes out the window. Most NFL coaches are going to stay with the game plan as long as they are 7-14 points away from winning, they feel comfortable, and think that they have a chance, they remain predictable.

Every post game speach form the coaches we beat is the same, they think they were close, and just missed a few opportunities, truth is they never had a chance, our team is like a python, slowly squeezing the life out of it's victims, sure they struggle a bit at the end, but by then it is too late.

If we "opened up" and went full bore, sure we could score more points, but that would cause teams to veer from their game plans sooner, and then all of JH's preparations would be useless, 11 points seems to be JH's favorite lead, just watch once we are up by at least 11, it get heavy up front, and vanilla all the way around.

When we get slow and vanilla, thats' when you know every thing is going our way, JH has seen what he expected, the players are all doing what he has aked, and we are most likely going to win, it is beautiful, watching this team slowly squeeze the life out of our opponents!
I thought there was a very good mix of pass and run last night...loved the way Alex came out throwing and got six from the get-go. Then in the 4th qtr, those consecutive 3rd down conversions to Crabtree broke the Lions' heart. Gore had some nice runs and gave Detroit a lot to defend. Hunter didn't have his typical good game, but he'll bounce back next time.
Originally posted by reno911:
I feel the 49ers offence is too conservative at times.The 49ers should open up the passing game more often to keep the defences honest.The 49ers run the ball too much on 1st and 2nd down.sooner or later teams will put 8 men in the box and the 49ers will not be able to run the ball effectively.The 49ers should use more play-action on 1st and 2nd down.

what they are doing is working, isnt it? correct me if im wrong, they are 2-0
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