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Theyre sitting Willis in favor of Bowman

Um, didnt we just beat the previously 15-1 packers? Werent we 5 point dogs in this? Do we really need 8-9 pages discussing why Bowman and Willis were subbing all game long?

After a year of Harbs, I thought some posters would get it. WE SHOW NOTHING WE DONT NEED TO. We won, we had the game (st kinda made it more of a game than it should have been) Its why we didnt throw bombs to Moss, why we didnt feature Hunter more, why we didnt always have both Smiths on the same side. Why Bowman and Willis shared time.

Is it really that hard to figure out? We do different stuff every game, we never show our hand. Aside from two stupid fumbles in the NFCCG last year (good game by KW btw) we were in the Super Bowl. You still dont trust our coach? Dont see what he does or tries to do? Its all slight of hand. In 12 weeks, Ill revisit this goofy thread for a laugh.

We beat the Super Bowl Favorite Packers today. You want to argue about which of our outstanding LBs were on the field and when?
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Originally posted by schmons:
this does nothing to explain why they choose to play bowman in that package over willis

maybe cos Bowman is 3 years younger and in the judgement OF THE COACHES is better suited to pass coverage (in addition to being arguably an equal to PW against the run and in tackling)....seeing as how NB got a pick i'd say they judged correctly

i dont know why you are getting defensive about this topic. was there someone in here bashing the coaches for making this decision that i am unaware of?

it's a legitimate question for any fan to be curious about. we're talking about patrick freaking willis, the $50+ million LB who we are used to seeing play EVERY SINGLE DOWN, who is getting $17 mil this year, who is only 27 years old - the prime of his career... and he's standing on the sideline with a 24 year old who's making less than $500k this year in his place.

i cant even remember the last time willis took some plays off. but if it was for rotational purposes as oakland suggested, then that answers my question.
Originally posted by NickSh49:
F- you Niner Talk.

We have the best two middle line backers in the game, no specific order. Bowman earned his keep today and had the big game, Willis will do the same in future games.
Team won. Kyle Williams didnt fumble the ball. Bowman intercepts Rodgers. Willis still interviews with Alex Flanagan.
There is many a down that bowman has out played pwil
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Originally posted by Dshearn:
There is many a down that bowman has out played pwil

It's called game planning!
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I think we should trade Willis.
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Maybe Willis has hemorrhoids.

They had 6 DB's on the field to stop Rodgers. It's called gameplanning. Something Sing and NoWin knew nothing about. Now we have the master. The rest of the league will follow suit by our example. Has nothing to do with Willis. Willis and Bowman play different positions. Both ILB. But different.

I'm frankly astonished at Niner Talk. Perhaps it's time to move to Veterans Forum....
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Yea it sucked to see P- Willy on the sidelines when Rodgers was trying to mount a comeback. Im sure Fangio had a reason for choosing Bowman to stay in on passing downs. Bowman looked great, almost Willis like out there. Just hope Fangio rotates Willis and Bowman more evenly from now on in games where they have to go Dime. Otherwise Willis stat line is going to take a huge hit(personal stats are not important to team).
Wow NT gets rediculous even after we knock of the packers

<blockquote class="quote"><div>Quote:</div>
Linebacker Patrick Willis was taken off the field as part of the 49ers' defensive alignment of six defensive backs. Cornerback Perrish Cox saw significant action as the sixth cornerback.

"It's difficult to take him (Willis) off the field," 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said after the 49ers' 30-22 victory over the Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday. "But it's either that or he has to line up on a receiver sometimes, which he did a couple of times."

<blockquote class="quote"><div>Quote:</div>Nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga played just four snaps in the entire game. Instead, the 49ers decided to employ extra defensive backs throughout the game to cover Packers receivers of Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, James Jones and Randall Cobb.

It was all for scheme. No reason to over react.
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Originally posted by rtj03:
ITs bothering so much. Willis is out in dime and Bowman stays in. Willis has only played half the D snaps becuase the PAckers are staying in 4/5 wide. Crazy! Willis needs to be in!!!!

Why...Did Bowman do a bad job when he was in? Looked to me like Bowman stood his ground...As good as Willis is I think the coaching staff KNOW what they're doing.
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Originally posted by Chief:
Bowman > Willis

3 Times BETTER ?

Nahhhh he just wants to pad his posting #s
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