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This Team in 2012 will be unstoppable.

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Originally posted by VaBeachNiner:
Originally posted by billbird2111:
Originally posted by Garcia:
we going to the 'Ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good call on this, except half the players you cite aren't playing anymore.

But who could predict the rise of CK7? LaMichael James making us forget about Kendall Hunter?

Only one guy.

I didn't really predict anything.
Was just excited for the season.

Me, being the homer die hard niner fan that I am, never expect my team to lose... I didn't (realistically) expect to be 16-0 ... but I sure as hell wanted it and this team is definitely talented enough to do that.

No one saw the Kaep thing coming. I didn't know what to expect.
But looking at it now, its like WHAT TOOK SO LONG?

He is the real deal. Ck7.

But I was right about one things.

The talent on this team gives harbaugh extreme versatility to be creative on offense AND defense and we can adapt to any playing style and it seems like Kaep was the final piece to that.

Looking forward to a great super bowl and hopefully our #6.

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Originally posted by verb1der:
Originally posted by Garcia:
Originally posted by verb1der:
Honestly though I'm drinkin the kool-aide too... I think many fans feel this way deep down inside...I have the same feeling about this roster as I did at the beginning of the 94 season when we won the Superbowl with Deion Sanders. I feel like there's going to be a lot more blowout games like how we did the Bucs last year.

Right now this team is like a trembling volcano that will explode once Alex Smith shows the world that he can use all the weapons and start dropping long bombs to the watch out, I don't think any team is going to be able to match up on all 3 levels (offense, d & ST).

Even Mike Martz said it himself when asked about this year's offense...that it has the potential to replicate the greatest show on turf with all the firepower!

You compare it to GB's offense last year.

They have an amazing QB, Aaron Rodgers... the best in the league. He carried the team. They have talented WRs no doubt and a decent TE who will probably get better and better.

But they were one dimensional... at least last year - not so much the year before. But that being said, they weren't a great running team by far. They were average. James Starks and Ryan Grant are decent backs... they would be cut if they were on this team. Cedric Benson - again... decent back but they have no RB depth.

This team will be a throwback team. Tough running game - wearing the defense down and enough weapons on the outside to keep the defense honest.

Alex Smith is the best QB in the NFL when it comes to turnovers and if that stat stays consistant... man. Look out.

The thing that excites me the most is what Harbaugh said about Alex becoming an "expert" of the offense compared to last season where he was just learning on the go. Now I know I should take that with a grain of salt, but one thing is for sure and that Alex is as smart as they come, and this year he's going to play faster and be that much more confident...and the best part about it, is he won't have to do much because this offense is as balanced as they come!

So in retrospect...Alex Smith totally let me down.

Thank the lawd for Kaep!!
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