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How will the Packers attack the 49ers?

watch the eagles vs 49ers game

vick killed us that game, but we ended up winning. See where eagles f**ked up
Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
I don't think he's saying they actually suck on offense, just that they aren't the completly unstoppable juggernaut of an offense that everyone makes them out to be. If they never played a top 10 defense last year and lost to the best defense they played (#11), then it stands to reason they will not throw for 400 yards and score 40 points as so many people seem to think going off who they played last year.
Of course it could be argued that the reason why there were no Top 10 defenses on their schedule is because the teams on their schedule had to play the Packers and the Lions who put up monster numbers. At the same time, Rodgers played a better defense in the Super Bowl that was better against the run and pass than the 49ers last year and went for 300+ yards, 3 TDs, 0 turnovers, and a 100+ QB Rating.

The Packers offense has been the highest scoring unit in NFL history since Rodgers took over in 2008. Let's not be ridiculous and act like Rodgers has never played good defenses in that stretch. He's not a one year wonder. At the same time let's not forget that the 49ers aren't not some invincible defense. The good offenses they played last year like the Eagles, Saints, and Cowboys all put up 400+ net passing yards on them. You can't say that about the 2010 Steelers defense that Rodgers played against in the Super Bowl. They only gave up one 300+ net passing yard performance all season and was a better run defense.

For some reason, the Packers seem to run the ball well against stout run defenses. They averaged well over 5 YPC in the Super Bowl against that Steelers defense. A unit that only gave up 68 YPG and 3.0 YPC. James Starks season high rushing performance in 2010 was against the 49ers.

People perpetuate this myth that the Packers are a pass heavy team but year after year, Aaron Rodger is middle of the pack in pass attempts. He only threw 502 passes last year. That's only 50 more than Alex Smith. Mike McCarthy likes a balanced offense and always has.
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Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
in 2010 they were lead by one of the best pass defenses theyre offense was good but not fantastic as you say they averaged abour 24.25 points a game for comparision only 1 poinit more than we scored season (2010 packers scored 8 more points than 2011 49ers) so no they were not fantastic as you claim

and they are overrated as i said they are still a top 3 offensive team but they are not the unstopppable force everyone claims they are you cant dis-guard the fact that when they played a good defense they lost and didnt score much

But at the same time they were missing Jermichael Finley and Ryan Grant. That's somewhat equivalent to the 49ers missing both Vernon Davis and Frank Gore. An offense is going to struggle without its top RB and TE.

When healthy that offense is hard to stop. They do have the best player at the most important position in the NFL.
Is this SF 49ers scouting report being sent to the Packer coaches?
Originally posted by Memphis9er:
They will attack their eyesight with one of the ugliest uniforms ever donned by a human being in any sport.


Their greatest advantage.
They will pass a ton.
The illegal blocking DBs down field before the screen receiver has completed the catch BS that they do..
watch Carlos Rogers get smoked all night

dude has really regressed this year

They are going to attack us with Aaron's bad acting skills....
KAep attack!
same thing that they do to every team;

-rely on packers defense
-checkdown,checkdown, draw play, checkdown, slant, slant, checkdown, screen, draw
-playaction bomb that isn't really near a receiver , but will have a good chance of getting called Pass Interference.

pass pass pass pass pass.... just like every week.

That's the best thing for our defense. We can set Aldon free and hope he can force Rogers into some bad throws. Teams like Seattle give us so much trouble because they're balanced and unpredictable. No one fears GB's run game.
screens,slants and third down completion...force us into 3 and outs then control clock
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