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NFL 2012 season preview Pete Prisco

I saw his week by week predictions...He said the 9ers would go 9-7 losing TWICE to the Cards.Don't get that.

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I would comment on his s**t but I made a gay ass account for that site an it still wont let me comment on the article. He probably disabled comments that idiot.
Originally posted by sachie23:
I saw his week by week predictions...He said the 9ers would go 9-7 losing TWICE to the Cards.Don't get that.

I can't imagine we lose both to the Cards. I doubt we sweep the division, I think 4-2 with loses at Seattle and Arizona sounds reasonable.
he has cardinals winning the division?
Our coach is a wack job but he's our wack job. This all goes back to the fact that none of these guys want to fully trust and believe in Alex Smith. Just look at how they talk about teams in which the media are in love with their qb play. That's all these guys focus on thus why they just throw out random gibberish like aldon having 11 sacks.
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
he has cardinals winning the division?

yeah, I'd have to look for the link but he had the 9ers going 9-4 and then losing there last 3 (final game to the Cards to lose the division).
With such high expectations this season, I actually like it when analysts have us going down with a losing season. I always prefer to play the underdog card but it would also be badass when we come out on top with all the (other) hype and added firepower.
My prediction:

49ers: 11-5 (Tougher schedule then last year, but the same team with a few more weapons)

St. Louis 8-8 (I think this team will surprise people, they had a lot of injuries last year and the new coaching staff is much better. I also think they had one of the best drafts. Long/Brockers/Quinn will be a damn tough D-Line)

Seattle: 6-10 (IMO their offense regresses because Lynch can't repeat how well he did, and Flynn aint the answer)

Cardinals: 5-11 (Their offense is damn lucky they have Larry Fitz, because otherwise it would be the weakest in the NFC and their D is still sub-par).
We're not even his most outlandish prediction.

He has the Pats going 16-0 and his NFC East standings are as follows

Giants 13-3
Cowboys 11-5
Eagles 11-5
Redskins 3-13

Offhand I can't think of any time in the recent history of the NFL where a division had 3 11+ wins team especially the NFC East of all divisions. And not to mention the Giant's have one of the hardest schedules this season.

As far as the Cardinals goes he has them winning the division but he's project Kolb to have just under 3k yards with Fitz having over half of those. Yet he has Alex Smith projected for 3,600ish yards.

So in other words we're going to have a better offense, defense, and special teams than the Cards yet somehow we're going to get swept by them and be 2nd place in the division.........yea that makes a ton of sense.
Originally posted by elguapo:
So pathetic. Why can't they give credit where credit is due. Alex had what 6 comebacks last year and in the playoffs. And guess what a lot of qbs had their defense chip in from time to time or actual wrs that got open to help out or an ol that could pass block.

The bolded part answers your question. Not that I agree with it, but it's what these "experts" see.

Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
My prediction:

LOVE all the hate people are giving the 49ers right now. "Oh, they weren't good in 2010 so statistics show they won't be good next year.." "Ohh, Randy Moss is over the hill and Alex Smith is a game manager." "Ohhh, the defense can't repeat what it did last year." "Ohhhh, the Seahawks are going to win the division this year for no reason that I can logically come up with...." Love it, love it, love it.
f**k that dude
Analysts do crack me up because the knock on us is the defense can't repeat what it did last year. Fair enough knock because it's difficult to maintain that high level of dominance on a year to year basis and even moreso considering we play some pretty high powered offense this season.

But it's not like the defense is going to fall off the face of the earth or anything. I mean the Steelers and Ravens maintain high levels of defensive play year in and year out so why would it be odd that our defense couldn't do the same?

And I suppose the offense can't improve either. Like the having a full offseason and being year 2 in the same system isn't going to help the offense at all or any of the WR additions will improve the passing game.
These arseholes are just spewing tequila and jack n coke induced loose fecal matter. Idk why i read this crap sometimes. Let all these tv mofo's sleep on this squad i hope it carries over and turns into the niners opponents over looking them. Staying below the radar is a good thing.

Efff the national media
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