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Why do you love the niners?

I grew up in Tennessee (pre-Titan) and although my dad was a college football fan (go Vols!) he didn't watch NFL. It was 1994 and the 49ers were the best team, and they were always on tv.
Because they make my dick hard
Originally posted by elguapo:
Because they make my dick hard

Thaaaaat's great lol

Anywho, I love reading these stories.

Nothing too exciting on my part. I was born and raised in San Francisco in the 80s so it was inevitable.
My father was stationed at Castle Air Force base from the early 80's till it closed in the early 90's. I was born there in August of '86. Now both my parents are originally from the Western NY area (aka Buffalo). Hence my dad's a die hard Bills fan. Friends of my parents had season tickets to the Niners. This guy and his wife were huge Niner fans. They had tickets with another couple, that one time couldn't make the game. Now this was like a three hour drive that they made every Sunday. They asked my dad if he wanted to go and he took me I was like 4 or 5 years old. Candlestick Park, the 49ers, fricken Jerry Rice! I don't remember the game much. I don't remember who the other team was. I just remember the feeling I had that day, I was hooked. Been a 49er die hard since that day. This was during the whole Bill 4 Super Bowl thing. My dad couldn't understand why I wouldn't cheer for the Bills. My parents moved us to the Buffalo area when my dad got out of the Air Force. It seemed like the 49ers were never on TV out here. My dad would always have Bills games on, well any football game on TV. I would sit with him and watch the games just to get the little update on the 49ers games during the halftime shows. When the Niners finally made it back to the NFC Championship game in 93-94 I was crushed when they lost to the Cowgirls. Then in 94-95 I was finally able to taste victory when the Niners, and Steve Young the guy I idolized as a child won the Super Bowl. This was the only Super Bowl I remember of the five. It was a long and hard time when the organization fell into shambles after they fired Mariucci. It's been a long time since I was able to feel really good about the Niners. I would constantly sport my Niners gear proudly even when they sucked. I would constantly get asked why I liked the 49ers. Now everyone around here who doesn't know me assumes I'm just a bandwagoner. Yeah a lifelong bandwagoner. I guess most of the time I've spent a Niner fan they've been pretty terrible. But I don't care, Niners for life. Last year for the first time my father sat next to me during the divisional game against the Saints sporting one of my old Niner hats cheering with me (fricken bandwagoner LOL). That was a good day. The next week not so good. Niner till I die!
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cuz mama didnt luv me
I was born January 22, 1989... My dad watched my birth and the Niners beating the Bengals at the same time. He wanted my first and middle name to be Joe Montana. My mom wouldn't have it.

On a side note, my worst birthday ever was this one... the giants vs niner game
Born in 1946 same as 49ers. Nuff Said.
Because they throw awesome parties!

My entire family is from Portland Oregon. My father was in the Air Force stationed at the Pentagon when I first started playing pee wee football in the early 70s. My early love of football naturally transitioned into watching the NFL. So one day I asked my father which team is closest to Portland and he said it's either the Niners or the Raiders. Ironically a few weeks later I turned on the tv and the Niners were playing! After watching a few John Brodie to Gene Washington completions I was hooked!!!!

I never stopped cheering for them. My dad was transferred to Tacoma WA when I was in 6th grade. We used to get all the Niner games on the radio back then and I would sit in our front room listening to every game....even thru the "crap years."

So you can say I've been a Niner fan for life :)
Grew up in southwest Missouri so in my area you were either a Chiefs fan or a Cowboys fan, The Cowboys were just forced down your throat around here. I got tired of hearing about Americas team, then caught a rare Niners game on TV and watched a running back by the name of Bill Ring run with passion. Now I realize he was not a great back but he played so hard and with heart and I became a instant fan of Ring and the Niners. It was so hard to get much info in the late seventies in Missouri but I kept up as much as possible then the winning years arrived and we got to see a few more national televised games.

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