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who deserves a ring the most???

who deserves a ring the most???

Originally posted by TheGoldStandard:
Its Gore. How could not be.

Carried the team for 7 years.
Has been the entire offense for his whole stay.
Played through injuries, destroying his body in the process.
Cries after losses.

Its Gore.
And he rang the bell again for us yesterday, eh? I mean the man started running like he was possessed. And you saw it on the sideline too! He was right there with Harbs. I can give you the gist of that conversation.

Gore: "Give me the f**king ball."

Harbs: "On it."
Would like to see Vernon Davis on that list, but Gore is #1
Wheres brian jennings? That guy suffered through more bad teams than anyone!
Easily Gore.
Originally posted by dtg_9er:
Originally posted by NinerGold39:
They do...

Are you saying the Silicon Valley deserves a Super Bowl the most?

Edit: that skin gets any tighter you'll be able to read the serial numbers of the implants!

Her pants were so tight you could read her lips!!!!
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the future HoFer, Franklin Delano Gore
Originally posted by fropwns:
Originally posted by defenderDX:
Originally posted by drunk49er:
alex having as many votes as justin = disgraceful

very, very disgraceful...

Please don't turn this into a Smith vs. the World situation.

well that was back in June, Fro
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Trenton Robinson
Originally posted by drunk49er:
alex having as many votes as justin = disgraceful

that one is mind boggling

saleem rasheed
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Why is Alex Smith on this poll? He deserves to return us all that salary from the first 5 clueless years of his career, lol.

That being said, Justin Smith is our closest elite player to retirement, therefore gotta go with him. Next up is Frank Gore.

Not on this poll was Bill Walsh. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and everything Harbaugh believes in and practices from a offensive strategy perspective is a direct offshoot of what he learned from the master. Gotta give BW props.
Harbaugh he played 17 years and didnt get one
I never liked the who deserves it most thing. When the Broncos finally won and they said "this ones for John (Elway), I thought it was cheesy. You have 53 men on a roster and somehow we as fans like to single out one guy. It reminds me of Ray Lewis right now. Love him as a player but this show he is putting on after the game just puts the spot light on him and takes it away from the rest of the team that deserves it just as much. I get the question though... Gore and Alex have been through a lot. Justin Smith has spent most of his career on bad teams. I always viewed drafting Patrick Willis as the changing of the guard. I thought he would help the defense out and turn this thing around.

In the end, I think the fans have endured the most. Eddie had us at the top of the NFL for a long time and the fans had to endure the Denise and John York era. I'm sure their good people but they didn't know how to run an NFL team. I'm glad Jed is in charge now and he is more like his uncle.
Hands down, Frank Gore.
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