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who deserves a ring the most???

who deserves a ring the most???

They do...

who's that dude
lebron james
Jimmer Fredette
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We do...DAMMIT!!!!
All of them and us to....
Originally posted by NinerGold39:
They do...

Are you saying the Silicon Valley deserves a Super Bowl the most?

Edit: that skin gets any tighter you'll be able to read the serial numbers of the implants!
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Gore. Hands down no question about it. Not Willis, not either of the Smiths not anyone but Frank deserves a SuperBowl ring on the 49ers.

Dude has been the heart and soul of this offense and this team for 7 years now. When we were a s**t team, Gore was the reason we were still in games and the reason we watched them.
Gore, backbone of this team in the good and the bad...
Its Gore. How could not be.

Carried the team for 7 years.
Has been the entire offense for his whole stay.
Played through injuries, destroying his body in the process.
Cries after losses.

Its Gore.

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arnaz battle, he was stellar you know
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Gore does!
Andy Lee
Originally posted by defenderDX:
Originally posted by drunk49er:
alex having as many votes as justin = disgraceful

very, very disgraceful...

Please don't turn this into a Smith vs. the World situation.
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