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Will Kaepernick become like Brian Brohm??

Will Kaepernick become like Brian Brohm??

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Originally posted by dtg_9er:
Efficient is getting points with the fewest yards necessary. That's what I'm referring to. Sure, I would like better success on third downs but that will come this year with more of a TC and the OTAs. Although, sometimes third downs are over when you score on second or convert fourths.

Sometimes they are but that may be five percent of the time. Converting third downs is what seperate good and bad offenses. Last year the 49ers were a bad offense which was to be expected with the short offseason. This year should be different but we wont know until it happens. The offense lies in Alex Smith's hands, we'll see where he takes it.
Originally posted by 9erred:
Even though it is early, Kaepernick has had a whole off season to learn the playbook, so OTA's should be automatic for him. The other day I read how Tolzien was the most accurate out of all the qb's in practice and Kaepernick struggles. Now today I read that Kaepernick could not hit receivers all day.

This is prescripted drills folks with no shoulder pads. QB's should be able to have a high completion % when they are wearing a jersey that says you cannot touch me and they no there is no contact. To flat out miss receivers two days in a row leads me to believe that Harbaugh will move him down the depth chart.

My new prediction is starting the season qb depth chart.

1. Alex Smith
2. Scott Tolzien- this way Tolzien gets more reps in practice. Hoping he is the UDFA steal of the year that Baalke got on the waiver wire.
3. Josh Johnson- veteran back up.

Nice prediction!
Originally posted by GNielsen:
Nice prediction!

unnecessary bump is not necessary
Originally posted by kush:
I still believe Colin Kaepernick is our QB of the future and think he will shine in training camp.

This was a great call

Kaep, QB of the future
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LMAO!! Nice bump........good laugh!
Ha ha. Two of the top three predicted are gone and the other one (tolzien) will probably get cut or traded as soon as this preseason. The only one not on the list is our starter and a future superstar Qb.
CK's too busy being famous to study the playbook or practice. He's more concerned about getting swoll and getting on TV as much as possible.
Blast from the past!
Lmao kaepernick leads 9ers to the Super Bowl....Brian brohm my @ss. I'm glad baalke and Harbaugh run the show....A. Smith S.tolzien J . year later and by the time the season starts kaepernick will be the only left standing with a superbowl appearance under his belt

Hindsight is 20/20. I realize that. I just thought it was kind of funny.
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