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What 2012 49ers road games are you going to?

Originally posted by Chief:
Jets 100%
Patriots 90%

From NY this is my same senario, i made the drive down to maryland for the Redskin game last year though.
Green Bay
None. Home games are far enough away as it is.
I'll be at Lambeau
I'll be at the GB game for sure hoping to go to AZ again!
Hey, Portland Oregon fans, I can get tickets, and a bus ride to seattle...IM if you re interested.
Tailgating at Chuckie Cheese in GB. Easy to get into, short walk and only $10
@ the Jets game with my son. Tebow should be the starter by then!
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Originally posted by socalfan21:
Minnesota and st Louis probs

I'm planning on going to the Minnesota game. If I do I will be wearing a Randy Moss Jersey. A Niner Moss Jersey that is
None - they don't play anything close this year

I live in NYC... My road game this season will be NY Giants @ Candlestick!!! Also going 2 see my BELOVED 49ers play the Jets @ MetLife!
Ill be at the az game with a group of Faithful from El Paso TX. my first Niner game...
Rams game for sure. Wanna go to Packers game but will see.
May go to the Jets game, only an 8 hour drive
Originally posted by cwilson830:
None - they don't play anything close this year

Are you still coming to all the home games, traveling from DC area? That's sorta like all road games for you, brah.
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