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What 2012 49ers road games are you going to?


70% on Niners/Pats. That'll be more of a game-time decision since my big plans are to hit up SF for Niners/Giants and Niners/Hawks.
Looks like a lot of us displaced East Coast Niners fans will be at the Jets/Niners game. We should start putting a tailgate event together.
Originally posted by Tombo:
Yeah, they are. I've been to Raiders games (L.A. and Oakland), and I've had more trouble in AZ (Glendale and ASU). I'm a pretty easygoing guy and I might have 1 or 2 beers at the most. I think because the Cards are perrenial losers they're really uptight. By the way, I never start sh!t. Do you live here too?

no i dont live there.. My friend Gary from AZninerempire does tho.. I am from Texas and fly all over to the different games. I have never had any problem besides useless babbling in AZ. Oakland first game i went to they were threatening me because they didnt like my shirt .. we just talked sensible and they stopped.. But saying AZ fans are worse than oakland is just insane. I have been to the AZ game 4 yrs in a row and no arguement has ever gotten close to throwing fists.. They are just dellusional fans.
Gonna try to hit Niners/Jets, if I can get a few people to go along.

prices for pats game are
Gonna be a lot of 49ers Faithful at this Niners/Jets matchup. I love it.
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Lambeau... I only can afford one game a year, and my good buddy is a Packers fan. Usually just hit up AZ, Seattle, Denver or SF since they are within 1000 miles, but this year's I'm doing something different.
49er Faithful season ticket holder who is making her first trip to Lambeau for the season opener! So excited to see our Niners quiet those Cheeseheads! I am traveling alone (friends either have time but no money, money but no time, neither time nor money, or the worst of all -- money and time but not football fans! What's up with that??) Decided I didn't want to miss an opportunity to see my Niners play in Lambeau during nice weather - lol! So decided to just make the trip alone and was hoping to find some 49er fans to meet up with before the game. I'm staying in Appleton on Saturday and Sunday night and am thinking about taking the Packers bus (and braving that in my Niners jersey just like all the Dallas fans do at Candlestick - am I crazy?). So, yes, cashmahne, I would love to meet up with you. Have made flight arrangements into Appleton and out of GB on frequent flyer miles and booked hotel in Appleton. Haven't bought my ticket yet, but will do so this week on one of the websites and seems to be lots of tickets available, but not as many for single tickets so I had not better delay. Unless someone is interested in purchasing together so two Niner fans can sit together! Where do you suggest to meet? I'm all up for that!
Pre-season game saturday vs. Houston. Since it is a close drive. Flying into the bay for the Buffalo game and to visit again.
Considering I live north of seattle, I will as always be going to the Seahawks game... hopefully this year I won't get nachos thrown on me. Seattle fans are horrible.

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Jets for sure

Patriots maybe
Originally posted by mattster03:
Considering I live north of seattle, I will as always be going to the Seahawks game... hopefully this year I won't get nachos thrown on me. Seattle fans are horrible.

I have heard, no worries, I have been to a couple 49ers-seacraps games at the stick. got into it with a couple of their jerk fans.
Giants, Bears, either seahawks or dolphins maybe one more regular season game and then a playoff game and the Superbowl.
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