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Frank Gore HOF material?

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Originally posted by Irish40Niner:
Ok niners I have a question. When we win a superbowl before Frank Gore retires(which I believe we will), is Gore hall of fame worthy? My answer is an absolute yes!!! What are your thoughts on this topic.

If Roger Craig ca'nt get in,I'm not so sure about Frank......................yet.
Frank gore has played on an inept offense and underachieving team for all but one of his years throughout his career. Frank will get two more productive years because of his no nonsense approach at exploding through the line of scrimmage. If this team performs up to par these next few seasons under jim harbaugh, then Frank Gore will get more recognition for his accomplishments. Because of offensive ineptitude and his own injuries, he might not ever get in the HOF, but his efforts as a rb has been as good as any on a team that has been abysmal to say the least. Frank the Tank is the man whatever HOF voters might say. BTW over his career i don't believe any NFC west rb has been as productive as Frank. Maybe Stephen Jackson?
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
Triple post ftl

Originally posted by monsterzero789:

Damn you went for the quadruple post
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NFL Hall of Fame? No. Not likely.

49ers Hall of Fame? Yes. Certainly.

We'll see what things look like after his career is over, though. You never know... it's hard to bet against Gore after all the hardships he's overcome.
Originally posted by gavindirishmen:
Frank is great Niner. He is not a hall of famer. He only has couple years left in the tank and just over 7600 total rushing yards.
In the current era he'd need to get to 12,000 + for consideration in my mind. He's not gonna make it. I hope we get Frank
a SuperBowl ring though. He deserves it.

Agree with this. Even if he was to win a couple Rings before retiring he still won't make it.
If he was healthy throughout his career I think he could. But he will be overshadowed by Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, etc. for RB's in his era in the voter's minds...
If he gets to 10,000 yards, I think he has a decent shot. Frank Gore is underrated. Probably the best back the niners have ever had.
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I am as excited about the current roster as anyone but this is crazy talk. Frank Gore is the most overrated Niner in recent memory. I am not saying Frank isn't an excellent back but he is not even close to being a HOF player. It can be argued that at no point in his career was he a top 5 back in the league. Now before the extrist being to post, reread line 3. I think Frank is and was a plus back who has been the teams best offensive player for years but that doesn't make him a HOF.

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Originally posted by monsterzero789:
Triple post ftl

Originally posted by monsterzero789:

Damn you went for the quadruple post

You never go quadruple post!
It will all depend on how much longer he can stay healthy. Another couple years of a 1000 plus yards and I will say that he will be. Longevity is just as big a key component sometimes as being the Best running back in any given year point in case Curtis Martin. Right now Frank Gore would be ahead of guys like AP or Chris Johnson because of this. All of these guys have potential to be hall of famers but still have to build on there resumes.
Originally posted by dhp318:
I'm not even sure he's been the best runner in the division the last few seasons.

Uh... who has been better on a consistent basis?

Please don't say Marshawn...
no, not even close
He needs a couple of rings and a couple of signature "highlight reel" runs that are played every time discussions of great backs comes up. He has neither at this point.
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