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Replacing Delanie Walker... Yes or No?

Replacing Delanie Walker... Yes or No?

Originally posted by sfout:
instead of trying to be cool and snide, google him.....

TE from Mizzou day 2 day 3 pick.

he looked great with gabbert as qb
I like Delanie's versatility, but I feel like Fleener has the potential to be much more of a matchup problem for defenses. Plus Delanie is probably going to want more money than the Niners are willing to pay him when he becomes a free agent.
i think walker will become more of a blocker.
Originally posted by Wodwo:
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Maybe you guys like Fleener to be on the team so much that you are leaning towards hate'n on Walker to advocate the reasoning for getting another TE in Fleener.

Ya think?

There are so many posts to state the same thing: Draft Fleener in the 1st. And many Zoners are willing advance just about any rationale, no matter how ill-logical, to justify it. Of all the reason for drafting Fleener in the 1st doing so to replace D. Walker is perhaps the silliest, most ill-logical, and would be a bad use of our 1st pick. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we don't need to burn our 1st pick to replace D. Walker. We can do that as late as round 4. Personally, I think our TE position is one of our settled positions and therefore don't think we need to address it in this draft. Of all the problems we had on offense the TE position was not among them.
Originally posted by buck:
The team should look for an upgrade. I am not saying that he should be cut, but an upgrade in our passing game is needed.

Walker has played in 83 games and started 36 of those in his six years on the team.

He has a total of 102 receptions for 1,121 and a total of 5 touchdowns.

That is an average of 17 catches a year, 186.8 yards a year, and less than 1 touchdown a year.

His best year for catches and yards was 2010--he had 29 receptions for 331 yards.
D. Walker's numbers don't bother me because - and this may come as a huge shock many on the Zone - he's the #2 TE, not the starting/featured TE. Seeing it from that perspective those numbers aren't bad. But again, if the goal is to replace Walker the 1st round is un-necessary.
No, I want to see a 3 tight set, with Fleenr, Davis, and Walker. Put a big pass catching RB like Turbin in the back field and play pass option football, they bring in the big uglies and stack the box, we pass, they play it straight up we run! This would be awesome!
Keep him. He's a versatile player that will make plays if he gets enough touches.
Originally posted by longtime49erfan:
Originally posted by NickSh49:
So the latest debate in the Zone has been whether or not Delanie Walker should be replaced as the #2 TE.

The Zone is currently fixated on Stanford TE Coby Fleener to take D-Love's place... like Fleener's automatically the second coming of GRONK.

I am personally baffled by the lack of love being thrown Walker's way, but to each their own. What do you guys think?

I think you neglected the option of keeping Delanie Walker and also getting Coby Fleener. Fleener need not replace Walker... yet. Walker is a good player and I hope the team keeps him. However, I would love to see them draft Fleener, too.

Your poll did not have that as an option.

Agree. Both of them on the 49ers makes us an even better team.
We should definitely keep him. Stats don't tell the whole story for him.
Fleener offers a very good Red Zone target but has not shown huge numbers, perhaps due to Stanford's run first offense. He would not replace Walker's versatility, so I agree with those who think this is not a reasonable choice. Having both would make sense...Walker as an H-Back/TE/FB combo guy and Fleener for his ability to catch important passes--3rd down and RZ.

But taking Fleener would presume his being the best player at #30...there are other needs that are more pressing: RG, OC back up, and a young WR...and that's just on offense!

No need to replace him with a 1st rounder. He's a quality number 2 and TE isn't a position of need.
Originally posted by niners9:
No need to replace him with a 1st rounder. He's a quality number 2 and TE isn't a position of need.

It is if they want to use three or four TEs on some plays. With the speed of VD, Walker and Fleener the team would be able to play the three on most plays without losing much, if anything, from just one WR. As versatile as Walker is he is not a tall receiver and with rule changes that is a huge need. If they can't touch you in the endzone then a guy like Fleener makes sense. Not sure he is the greatest need but there are other picks, not just the first.
Why replace trapjaw?
The Zoners always lock on to a favorite for the Niners to pick (last year was Prince) and Balke has a different plan. Aside from RG, there are no glaring gaps in the starting line up. People are still focused on more WR's or even another back.

This is a year where I wish they had more mid round picks to fill out both lines and the D depth. They lost quite a few DBs and the DL starters played a lot of snaps.
walker gives the 49ers alot of scheme options---so much so that the wall street journal did an article about it last season...davis, wal;ker and fleener would give them even more scheme options, so im on board if they go after fleener, but that doesnt mean they have to get rid of a dee-lay fan
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