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Do you want the 49ers on Hardknocks?

Do you want the 49ers on Hardknocks?

Originally posted by kingairta:
No good can come out of it. I've gotten by for the past 30+ years without seeing what goes on. I don't need to see it now.

This ...THREAD
No, and I doubt Harbaugh wants the distraction or publicity.
would be entertaining, but no. Under the, harballz would never allow it.
SF giants were prob affected by that showtime series last yr, just saying...wait till we at least have the ring already
not this summer, but next summer, when we're the champs.
I'd love to watch it but i know it would be detrimental to the team.

These guys will get serious airtime and will get big egos. Jealousy and hate ensue. Human nature.
Originally posted by Youngb:
I would love to see it, but for the team I don't want it. So many distractions

as long as Hard Knocks isn't a curse like the Madden cover then yes I'd love to see them on there
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I would love to watch it, but it won't ever happen.

If the Cowpokes think highly enough of the program to do it twice, we should run the hell away from it as quickly as possible.
I'd would be awesome to see
i dont have hbo anyway so i dont care but i doubt harbaugh would want that kind of insider stuff goin on. he likes to keep the niners a secret
If they won the super bow every year for fifty years, then yeah that would be cool
Originally posted by Allx9er:
no distractions wanted, as much as i would like to see how harbaugh and staff coachem up, they have business to take care of with out the glitz

so no

Exactly how I feel.
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