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Are the niners ruining the locker room ?

Not worried, lol
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Yes deal with it.
Originally posted by NinerPrideinNJ:
Not worried.

Harbaugh runs a tight ship and there's strength in numbers.

You're talking about 3 potential "problem" guys (personally, I really only see Jacobs being a possible issue in that regard)


50 other guys that developed a strong bond and cohesion during last year.

The Patriots have the same kind of mojo.

We'll be fine. Plus it won't matter when Jacobs is cut during preseason because.... he.... SUCKS.

They're aren't already people on the niners that have had issues? Aldon Smith has had an interesting off season, as has Ray McDonald. And Anthony Davis seems like a complete knucklehead.... And then there is Michael Crabtree lol.

Thats not quite the patriots. Alex Smith's quiet, passive locker room demeaner isn't quite in the same company of what Tom Brady does on and off the field.
I was worried about Randy Moss...not that he would divide up the locker room but more so him pulling what he did with the Raiders...and I've always felt that he might not bring to the table what we had with T.O. as far as running slants, running blocking, and hustling to tackle defenders who intercepted the ball...

but after watching this today, I feel MUCH better about the signing....says he doesn't mind being a 3rd WR or what ever, just wants to help out a winning team that has a chance at the SuperBowl.

it also gives a different perspective of one of our newest 9ers. He is answering twitter questions on the fly. Remember this was before he signed with us...or worked out for anyone. Watch the whole 12 mins.

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Originally posted by Marvin49:

Moss > Has never been a locker room cancer. His issues have always been lack of effor on the field, but you will have trouble finding any teammate that had an issue with him.

Cox > May not even make the team. He's the kind if guy that benefits from a GOOD locker room.

Jacobs > Overblown problem in the locker room. It didn't stop him from being on 2 SB winners.

Also, any one of these guys can be cut loose for almost nothing.

No worries.

^ This
Randy wont do to us what he did in oakland. Being out of the game for a year humbles a guy.
Yup. We may have to trade Willis for Tebow at this point.
No way - these are no risk contracts. You saw how quick they cut Edwards when is even started being a minor issue.

we will soon find out!!!
why are my posts backwards???? And why am i not a mod!!!
thanks for postin that video that was sick. he seems like a really cool dude as opposed to the a*****e everyone makes him out to be. straight cash homie! hes hella country hahaha
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