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Solution to our Right Guard Problem: Move Anthony Davis to Guard and Sign/Draft a Tackle?

What are everyone's thoughts on this idea? Davis was a Guard in High School and clearly doesn't have the footwork to keep up with quality pass-rushers on the right side. But he would make a helluva right guard and we would sign one of the available right tackles still on the market, draft a tackle, or (shoot) even start Boone.
I said this at the beginning of last year.
Originally posted by abowers1984:
I said this at the beginning of last year.

I just see Jonathan Martin dropping in all of the mocks to the bottom of the first round and envision Harbaalke drafting him and kicking Davis inside.

Davis could be a great guard.
this was discussed alot in the "should we draft a guard" thread, but its fine if we draft the right player, but thats like every position...
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Terrible idea.

Davis has improved leaps and bounds over the last two years. I expect him to continue that this year and be dominant at RT.
This is a horrible idea.

Davis has been playing great at RT
Sooooo, the solution to fixing our right guard problem is to create a right tackle problem? I don't agree with this.

Guards are typically not hard to find in the mid-late rounds and Trent just drafted one last year. In fact he moved up to select him, I don't think he's given up on him after just one year.

Kilgore will start, he's young and comes cheap and I trust Trent that he's a solid player otherwise he wouldn't have moved up to select him. They have to save money some where so they can afford to keep all their key players on defense. Plus Bowman is a FA next year, he might command BIG money.
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Originally posted by SportsFan:
Terrible idea.

Davis has improved leaps and bounds over the last two years. I expect him to continue that this year and be dominant at RT.

Agreed. He improved without much of an offseason as well.

Bringing in another rookie, even in the best case scenario where the guy has better footwork than Davis, won't help our right side for several more years because the offensive line really is one of the slower developing positions. If we want a solid line in the short-term, we need to just add a veteran guard or OT(and move davis in).

We could definitely still invest a mid-round pick in the line again this year, but I feel like with two 1sts going into the o-line just 2 seasons ago it's kind of overkill to keep piling 1sts into it without even giving the guys you drafted full development time.

I also do think kilgore has a chance at winning the job at guard, there should be competition of course.
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I thought Davis improved from his rookie year and I can see him continuing his improvement.

Plus you can find good quality guards in the middle rounds of the draft. I think the team is sold on Kilgore playing guard and that would explaint he lack of interest in signing a free agent thus far.

Davis should stay where he is and benefit from a full offseason of coaching. Not the time to make a switch.
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Davis is a solid RT. No complaints there.
Not really a supporter of this idea. Like the other distinguished members have already suggested, why solve a RG problem and create a RT problem. I have no worries we will find an improvement over Snyder in FA, depth chart or the draft.
leave him at rt and draft a guard/sign guard to compete with kilgore
We're still coming up with swap positions on our offensive line threads?

Guuuuuuys. Come on.
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