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Offseason So Far.....How do you feel overall?

1) Signed Moss
2) Signed Manningham
3) Resigned Carlos
4) Signed Cox
5) Signed Josh Johnson
6) Resigned Ginn
7) Resigned Brooks
8) Resigned Alex

Aside from the whole Peyton shananigans, I'm pretty impressed with the offseason so far. We haven't even gotten to the Draft yet. With the loss of a few, we also gained it back and then some I think. Our coaches are intact, our defense is intact, we added some key pieces on offense, we resigned Alex. Who knows what we'll do at the draft, Keener maybe?

Overall I'm happy and I'm seriously looking forward to the 2012 season and its only March. With all the moves across the league, the whole Saints drama.....its going to be a very interesting 2012 season.
I'm excited. Competition everywhere. Guys are only gonna get beeter cuz of this. Harbaugh and Baalke were great hires and we are gonna be in the mix for the superbowls every year
Wish we would of gotten something more at WR
Very good roster we have, 62 players are signed, 2 are tendered(Goldson and Grant). Our needs seem to be RG, Depth at ILB(If grant leaves), OLB(Even if Haralson stays), FS(Backup to Goldson), WR(Need another one) and a RB(To compete with Dixon)

Also if a DE is in the draft at our range is a steal or good pick, we should draft him.
Awesome we upgrade the weakest part of our roster big time. That's all we needed and even if rg is the same as Snyder that's all we needed to score with the best of them like the giants, and even then we had a sb without the upgrade at wr. Great offseason
It's hard to not feel good. Getting the band back together on defense and Ginn returns the back-bone last years success. Then you add in Manningham and Moss while losing Morgan and I think we could almost get by without even having a draft, which is a great position to be in. They got all that accomplished and managed to be a player in the Manning sweepstakes to the bitter end. The only complete whiff so far has been OG, but I'm not overly concerned here in March.

Looking forward to the draft. Hopefully we'll add a couple more receiving weapons and a running back and an interior offensive lineman or two. I could easily see five picks dedicated to the O.
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This has been an incredible off-season so far. Only bummer to me was losing Josh Morgan, but we may have gotten a better player in Manningham. Bringing in Moss is a leap of faith, but its a solid low-risk, high-reward signing.

Our FA signings have put us in a position where we have great flexibility come draft day. There are few, if any, holes on this team. There is no pressure to draft for need, allowing us to go with the BPA if we choose. I love it.
i really like the off season so far. just need a guard to replace snyder

also wish we re signed blake. he is such a high energy player, and doesn't demand a big salary
I'm pretty happy... lots of competition like valrod said which is a good thing. Pretty much good as far as free agency goes. Just hoping we get a WR or 2 and a RG in the draft to compete with Kilgore. Then after that we should be able to add depth/upgrades to places like S, RB, LB, DL, etc
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Originally posted by Bryant4everYoung:

Originally posted by njninersfan420:
also wish we re signed blake. he is such a high energy player, and doesn't demand a big salary

Yeah, Cartwright is a great ST player but for 2 year 1 mil and a lot younger Blake would have been great. They don't like guys who can't do multiple jobs though. Other than that I am fine with Snyder gone and I think we upgraded over Morgan with Manningham so I am fine with that as well. Really no big losses with 12-13 or so free agents worth signing is good.
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All they really need is a RG, another WR and depth. When was the last time we were in that good of a position? I'm totally amazed the offseason went this well. If you would have told me this at the beginning of FA and I would have thought we lose Rogers and Ahamad Brooks both and probably don't get any decent WR's. Just didn't think we could afford it. They kept a lot of their own key players, signed other FA's and didn't overpay for anybody. They only have 1 - 2 needs come draft time plus depth and special teams contributors. Just amazing IMO. I'd give it an A grade.
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