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crabtree our #1/#2/#3 receiver?

crabtree our #1/#2/#3 receiver?

I feel that the webzone is seriously overrating Mario Manningham. He signed with us cheap for a reason. He was a good #3 on a team with an elite passing attack but lets wait and see before we start calling him our number 1 receiver.
You guys praise Alex Smith for a "breakout" season in which he threw 17 tds but Crabtree being our leading receiver in every category last year means nothing. I dont get it.
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The answer to this really has to do with Smith. If he signs it is crabs all the way. They have chemistry now. If its someone else. Then moss. He's the easiest to incorporate. I think that Manningham is the #3 to start but will push moss. If this is a question of production? I think its crabtree all day. Manningham hopefully will push moss for production. I think the fact that teams have to worry about Moss and Manningham deep means crabtree will be open under more often. I'd be running him on drags all day while Moss and Vernon run up top.
How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? That is what is being discussed here, and rightfully, we have no #1 nor #2, but legit #3s across the board, so it doesn't matter who is which. Basically we have to depend on TEs, maybe adding Fleener, and then go to work on drafting and coaching up our own #1, and #2. Right now we just got WRs filling up a space, and signing Randy Moss is proof of that. Unless the Wallace deal is still being looked at, we go into the season with legit #3s across the board, and work on our draftees. Incidentally, I would be very surprised to see any less than 12-15 WRs in camp, all for a look see. How many we draft, no idea, but i would guess 1 early , 1 mid, and 1 late. We still got the RG problem, even if snyder was still here...which he isn't . Wasn't a very good signing by guys who took him.

The other scenario, which could be likely, is Coach has 3 or 4 guys he just has to have and they go bing, bing, bing, with trade ups, etc. If any are top 4or 5 I would be surprised. In other words I look for WRs i've not seen before working to make the team. If we have to carry 5 of them, so be it. Or 6.
Originally posted by dj43:
Crabtree will be considerably improved next season if he is healthy through TC. The guy has more talent than we have seen. He just hasn't been healthy enough to show it. So:

1. Crabtree until a draft pick takes over the spot.

2. Draft pick. I still expect Baalke to use the #1 pick on a WR.

3. Manningham

4. Moss, if, BIG IF, he even makes the team. He clearly had lost a couple of steps before NE let him go. I expect very little from him.

5. Probably Williams or Ginn if he can't find a better offer as a WR. If he settles for returner money then he takes the spot and Williams is cut.


What he needs now is a reliable 2nd receiver. Hopefully, now with Davis unavailable for a month, Nowin will see that Eric Johnson is, and should be, that guy.Yesterday the Eagles were double-covering Antonio Bryant much of the 1st half and daring Smith to try to find a second receiver. The fact that even the depleted Eagles secondary could still cover the rest of the 49er receivers 1-on-1 showed how weak Battle & Gilmore are at getting open. Finally in the 2nd half, Turner made the adjustment to go to Johnson.We should remember that Nowin and Turner have not seen Johnson at his best before yesterday. When he was last healthy they were not here. Hopefully, Turner will now turn it up for EJ, which will help Smith even more. The plays he was making yesterday were reminiscent of 3 years ago.
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