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The "Cohn" Thread

Originally posted by BayArea:
Originally posted by Leathaface:
Personally I love the Cohn's.

You are probably alone on that I cannot stand the old man... the kid is pretty retarded too sometimes but much better than the geezer.

s**t im with you Bay, who the hell is a fan of either of those two. I figured out theres a difference between all these beat reporters. Maiocco, lynch etc are the guys who really report on the niner. The Cohns, Ratto etc are opinionists trying to be ala Peter King. I know my choice is clear

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Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
Now Harbaugh lied to Lowell by telling him that Jenkins graduated.

He did graduate, he just didn't attend the commencement exercise. WTF is with the Cohns?

Why did Harbaugh lie to me? He said Jenkins already marched in graduation. When I checked my facts, as Harbaugh directed me to do, it turns out Jenkins did not march.

lol did you see the interview harbaugh got pissed at him

hes like ya you should get your facts straight before asking questions

Yup. And Harbaugh didn't say he marched. He said Jenkins graduated. Cohn put words in Harbaugh's mouth. This is really no big deal, it's just an annoying pattern.
lol, un-freakin-believeable....
What a whiny turd muffin. I'd be cold hearted to him too if he came around me with his whining, pansy b***hing attitude. He reminds me of the entire state of New Jersey.
Won't give him hits on his links.
Wow. Lowell got butt hurt when Harbaugh cut short his 'marched' question by telling him to checked his facts. Jenkins graduated. Why the hell would you need to know about his 'marched' ceremony. Then wrote a whole article about being butt hurt by Harbaugh for not being able to asked the question.
The worst combination of character traits a person can have is ignorant arrogance.
Who cares what Cohen thinks. Bill Walsh was cold hearted as well I rather have a cold hearted coach who knows how to get the best out of his players than a "players coach" that lets the players run the team.
Apparently the world revolves around what this reporter thinks of the 49ers.

The worst part of the article is it serves no purpose but just to whine that Harbaugh was being mean to poor Lowell.

As a fan that wants to read something informative and insightful that relates to the team I really could care less if Harbaugh lied about something as trivial if the guy attended his graduation ceremony or not.
Originally posted by Chief:
Won't give him hits on his links.

The press democrat is a joke now IMO due to the Cohns, more so the young one. I actually respected the elder one's writings but the young one is really working the nerves. I'm wondering if they should even be linked to the homepage. PFW has more substance nowadays *ZING* (Ouch!)
I want a window seat on this wagon. Wish I had found this thread earlier.
Cohny 2012
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