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Attribute of Baalke that is quite unique

How about Baalke's parade of guys who missed all of last year? I try to keep up with the NFL pretty closely and I haven't seen that strategy before. It makes a lot of sense for the reasons you all have already pointed out about getting guys that are hungry, NFL tested, and won't break the bank. It is the free agency version of accumulating lots and lots of 6th and 7th round draft picks.

I'm completely baffled by what he'll do in the draft. Whatever it is, it probably won't what anyone thinks it will be. Since nobody is guessing that Baalke trades up, that's probably what he'll do.
Justin Smith???
MadDog is Michael Lombardi, I'm convinced. Nobody could be such a blind hater.

Bill Walsh probably told him you need talent on defense to make it work. On offense you can make it work with good schemes. That's something else to consider when we are going after F.A. if he is following that axiom.
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