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Kaepernick believes he can seriously challenge for starting job this year

You have to love the guy's swag.

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Does J Morgan know this?
Originally posted by Afrikan:
which article was it anyway?

ok read it...

Kaepernick: I talked to both of them about what they want me to do in the offseason and what I need to do to get better and get on the field. There were a few things, like working on different arm angles on throws and trying to speed up my feet, things like that. I'm going to try to come in (at camp) and show them what I am capable of.

All you can do is wait and see. He is athletic for sure, but ugh that gimmick offense. He is not a Cam so he does have to sit. Just would like to see what he can do with an full off season.
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Originally posted by hofer36:
I was readin the Daily Tennessee and it quoted Daniel Kilgore as saying that he believes he can seriously challenge for Adam Snyder's job this year

This, I believe. The guy looked like a wall in pass protection in college and had a good pre-season. If not for inexperience, I felt he would've been Snyder's backup instead of Rachal. If Snyder doesn't re-sign, Kilgore at worst will be the #2 OG next season.

I was kinda surprised he didn't take Rachal's Job.
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
i think he has a realistic shot, harbaugh will play the better man at qb

This. Bring it!
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
s**t just got real.

Wow a young gun back up QB feels he can start on his team?!?!? No waiiiiiiiiii.
He's a young QB drafted high, he BETTER have that attitude. Glad he does. I think his chances of getting the Job may come down to how much we pay alex. we aren't going to pay alex 8 million for him to sit on the bench! Right or wrong
Originally posted by Jakemall:
I was kinda surprised he didn't take Rachal's Job.

no offseason
Let's go Kaep!

This will only improve everybody

Originally posted by sfout:
Originally posted by pete98146:
I'd be curious to see if his mechanics have improved. There aren't too many successful NFL quarterbacks with a big looping release. College QBs can get away with it but that dog don't hunt in the big leagues.

If CK can learn to put the ball up on his ear and fire away then he'll stand a chance.

I read one of the bay area articles a couple weeks ago saying that they've noticeably tightened up his throwing motion and shortened his delivery a little but as those stupid Sports Science segments on Tim Tebow belted out during the season it takes hundreds of reps a day for months on end to effectively alter the muscle memory that his body has built up over the past 10 years of his life playing football.

So ideally another year of tuning up his throwing motion and overall mechanics as well as improving his ability to read defenses would be the best case.

I wasn't attempting to imply that Kaepernick will win the job or that he should say "I need more time to develop" but rather just put it out there that the guy is going out of his way to say I can do it, which is nice to see that he isn't getting complacent.

Also the read is just another news item to give us something to discuss during these slow times of the first month of the off season :/

Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by JustaFan45:
Nobody's dismissing anything? Do you believe Nate Davis or Troy Smith will be great QBs someday? Then why are these guys in the discussion?

As examples of people jumping to conclusions, always looking for the grass to be greener elsewhere. Kaepernick might turn out to be an incredible quarterback, and I hope he does, I have faith in Harbaugh that Kaepernick is something special, but you don't take a raw lower-division quarterback out of a Pistol offense and make him the starter after your current starting QB has a career year.

Aaron Rodgers played much tougher competition, was a lot less raw and he still sat for 3 years in Green Bay. What people are saying is stop counting your eggs before they hatch. Alex Smith should only play better next year with more weapons, its to Kaepernick's advantage to sit back, watch and study for another season to truly prepare him to be a starter in the NFL.

I love the confidence shown by CK, but I think it would be in his best interest to sit another year or two, just as Rogers had to. I also like the point about muscle memory, that is something that has to be settled before CK can be good. Qb's who have unresolved issues in that area often back-slide into old/bad habbits when under durress. Prior to this season I remember Alex having a huge problems with that -- He would make strides in the offseason, only to have all of his work evaporate under pressure.
Wouldn't want him on the team if he didn't feel that way!
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Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
We could see more Kaep this year than last year (more wild-cat/ways to get him involved), still don't see him having a 'legit' starting shot until 2013, but he's going to make a strong case in training camp/preseason this year (he can only get better with the type of work ethic he produces) to not be ignored.

-This season could be pretty tough compared to last year, and wins/losses are determined by QB play (they're the scape-goats), so I wouldn't be surprised.

if i hear another 49er fan say we are going to run more wild cat in 2013 im gonna s**t my pants. i dont know if u dumb shts watched any games this year but we did run the wild cat a few times. unless harbaughs an idiot (wich i dont think he is) we are over this bs wildcat idea. if u want to get his azz involved so bad put him in the slot and stfu.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
This, what the hell else is he expected to say?

"Uh, I must admit I thoroughly have fallen in love with carrying a clipboard on the sidelines, I now recognize that I have no further aspirations beyond that in football, believe me, I thought long and hard about it, I even had a long sit-down with my spiritual advisor, Glen Coffee."

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