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Is our offense capable of putting up 28+ points?

Is our offense capable of putting up 28+ points?

We are the worst in the league when it comes to big plays. Even if we stop the saints a decent amount of times I still see them scoring around 28 points. Do you think our offense could put up that much in return? Do you think we will see alex finally taking more shots downfield?

The truth is. I feel we will be in a position where drew brees willl have the ball with 1:30 left and a chance to win it like last time... :(
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You know the musings on opponents forums? just made the Saints forum
lol really?

we can if we have to

we go conservative and just run the ball when we have lead
if we have to match score by score we can and have
If we play ball control offense (of course with points), it limits Brees and company's chances for big plays and getting into a groove. It will also keep our defense fresh, so they can keep going after Brees and disrupt their timing.
Well, it says the saints are 3-2 on the season when playing outdoors on grass... that, coupled with our good defense, should help us
Originally posted by Crown:
You know the musings on opponents forums? just made the Saints forum

We put up 48 points on Tampa Bay; 27 on the Giants, and 34 on the Rams. So yes our offense is more than capable of putting up 28 points on the Saints. A better question is will the Saints put up 48 on our defense? I don't think so. So the score will be more reminiscent of the Giants game. I think we win it 34-28.
We don't need or want big plays against NO. Detroit had to slug it out and lost. We can jab our way with a ball control offense and keep the big punch on the side lines. This will be the same as Holyfield vs Tyson. Control each round, realize there will be a big punch landed but don't get into a slugfest you can't win.
3-TDs' + 3-FGs' is 30pts & like a beauty woman is very do-able. I can see da niners wit 4 of each. With da way our D plays makes it a win-able game. A.smith may not be D.Bress but he can move da ball & score points. He does jus enuff to get da win & I no he can against da aints' next Saturday. Go niners! gettin past da aints'
Some rain and a lot of wind to where both teams would have to rely on the running game and special teams would help!

Have scored more than 28 three times this year, twice when they needed to do so for a win. Why not next week? Saints have a decent D but the 9ers have scored opportunistically all year.
its not even about the big plays. just improving the RZ efficiency will do it. I believe they will get TDs instead of FGs in the playoffs.
Yea we can put up 28 points if we execute when we're in the redzone! K im just gonna rant and say we are constantly in the redzone, if we can just capitalize on our redzone chances, we put up 28 points EZ! Comeone Harbaugh and Alex!! There is no tomorrow!!!!
With the way we play I really think we are favored.. Dont see the Saints lighting up our offense, I think we can keep them under 30 and our offense is more than capable of scoring 3+tds amd you know we will kick some field goals... 30-27 SF
against the Saints below average defense?

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