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Braylon Edwards released

OfficialBraylon Braylon Edwards

I was released today by the 49ers due to my injury that required more time to rehab and hasn't allowed me to re-sync with the offense....
Edwards just stated on his tweeter account, he has been waived by the Niners due to his injuries.

But dayum.........we're so thin at WR.

Who we lookin' to pick up ??
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Good. I wonder who will fill his roster spot?
I was about to go to bed, but now im fully awake!!! Holy crap!
Just read it on his website. If it's legit should hear soon enough.
well I guess we can put the whole "he's great" argument to bed

what would take Sing 2 years to figure out Jim did in 16 weeks
we must have a great plan , or a good one at least, because we are so thin at wr.

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Sign TO!
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Originally posted by Chief:
Sign TO!
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We are ridiculously thin at WR now....
Damn, son. That's bold.
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