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This has to be one of the best defenses we have ever had.

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This is one of the best defenses in NFL history.
what if... we had 52, 53, and 54 on the field at the same time? didn't larry play OLB in college?
Originally posted by pakalolo415:
what if... we had 52, 53, and 54 on the field at the same time? didn't larry play OLB in college?

not sure, i know Bowman played OLB in college tho.
This D is pretty special. We'll see how special as the next few weeks play out.
Originally posted by dobo:
I blame Alex

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best defense I've seen the 49ers have since I can remember.... all the pieces started coming together the past bunch of years, but really the coaching we have had this season has just done so much for this team. I can't wait til Willis comes back, but man even Grant could start for teams
The greatness of a defense is determined in the postseason. That being said these guys look pretty special.
I agree that this defense is special. Even if Big Ben were healthy, there was no way they were gonna score on this D. Not tonight.
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The one we had in 1997 didn't give up a 100 yd rusher until the NFC Championship Game. That was one of Policy's mercenary defenses though.
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Originally posted by blizzuntz:

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defense is amazing. turnover machine
First game of the year where the defense nor the offense had me worried.
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
2011 > 1984.

Not even s**tting.
no freaking way.
This rushing defense is one of the best ever, absolutely.
The pass D is around middle of the pack though. That could be that the other team cant run so they go to the air more though. I like Brown, but we obviously need an upgrade at the #2 CB spot. Goldson has come on huge lately and at this point Id be fine with the team giving him a nice starting FS contract. Hes earned it.
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