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Why does VD shy away from contact?

Originally posted by 12b6demurrer:
He can definitely play with more "anger" considering his size and speed. I also think his catching ability is average to below average...whenever he catches patches in stride he has to do this stupid little jump for some reason. He's not like Crabtree where he can just pluck things out of the air.

That is irritating, too.
Originally posted by TheG0RE49er:
He still ranks high when it comes to YAC, and that's all that matters. IDC how he gets them, as long as he gets them.

He also scores TD's. VD may have flaws but guess what, he's not perfect & neitha are u. He's one if da best TEs' in da league & a niner. I'll take dat.
Originally posted by TheG0RE49er:
He still ranks high when it comes to YAC, and that's all that matters. IDC how he gets them, as long as he gets them.

he has 188 YAC, which is tied for 62nd in the league.

but 36% of his yards come after the catch, which is pretty good, but not great, I'd say. I imagine his yards after contact is not very good, though.
pointless thread
Originally posted by Ninersdeep:
pointless thread

Dude is a beast, but he can improve in areas. Breaking tackles is one of them.
Dunno. Just thankful we're 10-2...
I agree! He's git the size to run over people too!
I don't think VD is the kind of player to truck over people. He's a weightroom guy but not a "power" guy. I think he can become more of a Shannon Sharpe type of player: a speedy receiving TE who can outrun LBs and outmuscle smaller DBs for the ball, but doesnt necessarily run people over.
whenever he catches the ball I know some kind of awkward tackle or awkward something will follow.

The guy is just awkward with the ball in his hands. Don't know how else to describe it.
Originally posted by glorydayz:
I just think the offense would be better if he pounded defenders (he would be a better extension of the running game). Imagine a deffense getting pounded by Gore, Bruce Miller, & VD all day? Then having to chase Hunter around and cover wr's? It would only make the offense better and the defense tired!

On a side note; when VD was getting all of those yards WE WERE LOSING! It was great for VD, but it wasn't good for the team.

We are winning without his yards, I just wish he was more aggressive. I think it would really help our offense.

He was getting all those yards because he wasn't getting the double team. Now after 2 monstrous years everybody on earth knows he is a major threat except Krizay... Now after huge production he does get the double team. Plus we have some injuries sometimes and Chilo gets back in the lineup and the O Line struggles. So he is kept in to block sometimes. But using him out in space is better when you can IMO.

Just wish he could limit the drops. TE's should catch everything
or catching a pass on the sidelines and taking a huge step out of bounds instead of getting the last foot in and going down.
i really thought he would truck over some db after he saw bear pascoe do it in that giants game. but noooooo, he just had to go down easy peasy
VD is a Beast, But his game still has plenty of room to improve...
Kyle Williams is more physical than VD..he needs to take a page out of kyles book and throw that stiff arm. Dudes arms are like carved tree trunks....use them!!
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