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Patrick Willis Injury

He should sit until he's healthy. I'm not wanting to see another gore injury, rushed back into action before he's ready and causes more damage to himself.
yea, rest this foo when we play arizona. We don't need him in that game but we need him against pittsburgh.
Imagine how hungry Willis will become if he is forced to sit out games and watch his brothers do all the fun stuff. He will be a one man wrecking machine when he is 101 percent healthy come playoff time!!
I would dress him but sit him has a precaution
Look at Andre Johnson...These things nag...Let him sit I say.
Originally posted by 1swift:
Look at Andre Johnson...These things nag...Let him sit I say.

Exactly! let him sit and play him in the last game of the season, if he plays and re injures before the playoffs ( ) it would suck balls big time
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If he's going to get hurt, better now than in the playoffs. He's got 4 weeks to get healthy.
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that definitally wasnt a serious injury

that being said hamstring injuries can linger so we s**t sit him against zona
This is just like the Ravens situation. The best player, or leader goes down, the rest of the team plays harder. One more week would be fine.

I have a great idea...

he is going to have an MRI today..... maybe the medical staff and doctors can help figure out when he is ready to play again..

This isn't Nolan or Singletary.... Harbaugh will make the right call for the player and team
From the clips they were showing of him smiling on the sideline etc....he'll be okay, perhaps rest him next week or 2 that way he'll be ready for the playoff.
Get him healthy before he is back on the field

Grant did a solid job, he should be able to hold down the porch until the Big Dog comes back
Hamstring injury is not going to stop the Great Patrick Willis!!
Patrick Willis does not get injured. It was all a ploy to give his buddy, Larry Grant a chance to play his former team.
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