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Thoughts/Feelings about new 49er fans aka bandwagoners

Originally posted by stonecold590:
Speaking of crowd noise, is it just me or was it even loud when our offense had the ball? Watching on Fox it seemed they were buzzing just as loud no matter who had the ball.

Its all those "new" 49ers fans that don't understand th concept of homefield advantage yet.
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It usually takes winning for a person to fall in love with a team. I think this season will recruit many new life-long fans of the 49ers. Welcome aboard, there is plenty more room on the bandwagon. (:
Who gives a Flying Fukk when someone becomes a fan? Or if they even Jump Off. All that matter is you. Ive been a fan since the 80's but it doesn't mean i'm the best fan. Hell i cant remember everything that has happened in either way next yr i will still be a Fan as will many of you.
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Success = Bandwagoners

Haters gonna Hate
welcome! i have nothing against bandwagonners joing us as long as they dont make themselves and us look like idiots by saying stupid s**t. i personally believe that the fans who suffered feel the most joy when the team wins. all of us whove been here over the years are gonna be thrilled WHEN we get our next ring, most of the bandwaggoners will fake excitement and jump ship if things start to sour around here
All I can say is I know a few people who have jumped on, after years before always bagging on the niners and rooting for the jets

They don't like it when I call them band wagoners!
The more the merrier
Bandwagon fans means the team is doing something good so I'll take it! Besides like some posters have already said I rather have bandwagon fans help sell out candlestick than seeing empty seats or the stick get split in half by cowb***h fans(that still pisses me off)
don't care
It gets a little annoying to me because i know they'll jump on another teams bandwagon when we eventually suck. I hate bandwagon fans that state they're a true fan, but when they admit that they just jumped on the bandwagon it annoys me less

I'm not gonna lie though it's awesome when you see more people wearing niner gear on the streets or wherever you go

I hate them, but they're needed in order to get a new stadium, and to fill out those seats.
Born in '86 been a 9er fan since I can remember. Guess that makes me a bandwagon fan who never got off the wagon.

I hate you Aeneas Williams, you ruined my childhood.
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I love bandwagoners. Don't forget, it's how we all started out at one point. Also, bandwagoners are FAR more tolerable than those who don't care at all or root for another team.
Originally posted by susweel:
The more the merrier

This, fill the stick up for the NFC championship and watch the Niners show the rest of the NFL the blueprint to beat the Packers.
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