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Is David Akers the best kicker we ever had?

Is David Akers the best kicker we ever had?

Originally posted by YungAce:
He kicked himself retarded last season

and you're never supposed to go full retard
So its obvious kaep doesn't have the hot hand no longer. He looked awful at times not to mention he cost us the game with the safety and his over thrown pass to ginn. We need a new kicker Akers can't get it done
Thanks for creating a new thread on these subjects because there definitely being talked about elsewhere.
After a disappointing loss at rams is the kaepernick experiment over ?
If harbaugh wants to play with the hot hand would that means alex is back ?
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I hope you're not mad Alex
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Kaep will start
Arnaz Battle
Bring back Alex and have him light S*** up.
Can't throw deep? Seen him do it plenty. Can't run like Colin? Seen him do it many times. I've also seen him WIN GAMES. Saw him comeback against THE SAINTS, who were the favorites to win it all last year. Does he need to throw it deep? Nope. Does the offense need to light it up? Nope. Check it the hell down every play. I don't care. JUST WIN.
I DO NOT want to see Colin choke in the playoffs. He looked nervous out there today.
Go get us that ring Alex.
Alex with out a doubt, kaep is a choker!
We need smith back there. Kaep no longer has the hit hand.

Jeff George
Alex lets our defense win games unlike that f**k wad kaepernick who tries to play hero and gives the opposing offense 8 points.
Harbaugh expects Kaepernick to start.

Harbaugh: "Proud of Kap. .... Gave our team a chance to win."
Kaep should start. He made two awful mistakes today that played a huge role in the loss. Still, he threw the ball well and made some nice plays with his feet. I wouldn't yank the kid after 1 loss.
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