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Is David Akers the best kicker we ever had?

Is David Akers the best kicker we ever had?

Originally posted by FourNine49:
The playcalling was poor. It wasn't the only thing that contributed to the loss, but definitely contributed.


Pretty much this.
Originally posted by johnnyredneat:
Blaming a game plan from the couch when it's just one game is a hallmark of an ignorant fan base.

What, you think that Greg Roman just forgot how to call a game after nailing it the last two weeks?

Nailing it? When did he "nail it." The defense had far more to do with the 49ers win over the Saints last week. The offense managed to put up 17 points on statistically one of the worst defenses in the league. They beat up on a Bears team playing with Captain Checkdown at QB and took advantage of a vanilla gameplan by the Bears OC. I don't think Roman "forgot" to call a game, I don't think he's ever been all that good at it in the first place. The novelty of winning under Harbaugh has covered up a lot of the glaring weaknesses, as well as blaming a lot on Smith but I think people are starting to finally realize that this Roman guy really isn't all that good. At times his playcalling is completely Jimmy Raye-like and too overly conservative.
I agree with the OP. Although the playcalling might have been less than average, it wasn't the reason we lost the game.

Good post.
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Gotta score more points. Gotta score more points.Need to throw the ball more down field. I like Roman. Hes cool
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
A flip backwards lateral pitch deep in your own territory with a 10 - 2 lead is an absolutely horrible call with a young QB on road. Should have never put him in that possition. 70% horrific call / 30% horrific execution. But we could have avoided it all together. Run up the middle. Punt. Our D was playing well all game. No reason to give them a free 8 points.....

IMO there's no way that only 30% of the blame goes on execution there. It's a pitch. Hit the damn man in the chest with it. It's not that hard.

That's my opinion. Others can have different ones. But if anyone wanted to just run it up the middle there, they'd better not be one of the ones complaining about the "conservative game plan" that made us "play not to lose."
The loss of Hunter and Williams is a massive blow and takes a huge chucnk out of our offensive dynamic and CK's running helps alleviate this. Our defense is playing sensational though and Alex has been through it all and is usually clutch when it matters.

Even though I like CK I'd bet money on Alex every time going forward this year. I'll give him 3-2 odds vs. CK 4-1.
I alays thought it was, and continues to be Alex. Having said that, this game is not all on Kaep. Roman/Harbaugh deserve 99% of the blame. They need to start taking responsibility for their blunders.
Kaep is the starter get over it
Alex this year.

Kaep some time in the future.
damn i wish we had signed peyton manning.

All we heard was harbaugh was going with the hot hand. How hot is that hand really? Im a niner fan first and foremost so I root for whoever is starting at any position. I was not happy with starting Kaepernick over Smith. Smith was really hot and Kaepernick has looked good. I think this teams window for superbowls is now. Smith is the best option to get us there. Back to the hot hand. Kaepernick could not beat the rams the first time when it looked like we gained all momentum, the defense saved him in new orleans, and now he cost us a game today. But somehow he has the hotter hand. Harbaugh genius has turned this team around but his arrogance may just cost us a superbowl.
This guy has to may seem strange, but I simply cannot figure out why we play for a 50 yard field goal when we have three opportunities to go for a TD or get closer. The only thing I am thinking to save my sanity is to see if Akers will still be on the team going forward. I guess we all understand why he got ran out of Phili.
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