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Should 9ers rest Gore until Thanksgiving?

He's a man and a competitor. He wants to play. Let him. I have faith in our line, our play calling, and our back ups that I honestly believe that we are fine whether he is healthy or not. But I think he also realizes that he is getting older and there are young bucks looking to take his playing time. If he takes time off he gives them a chance to shine. The NFL is a harsh and unforgiving place, there are always people trying to get your jobs. I guarantee he plays every snap he can until they physically drag him off the field. Thats just his style. And I love Gore. Just let the guy go until he can't. Were better with him, but we wont see a huge drop off without him. Is what it is.
Its the NFL. We are 8-1 which is great. But we cannot let the foot off the accelerator. The NFL can bust you up in a hurry the minute you start thinking you are good enough to rest starters this early in the year. If he can go, let him go. He is a man. As harsh as it sounds, if he gets hurt so be it. Our back ups are solid. But we gotta let him be the judge of his own body and if he wants to fight out there to get us into the playoffs we owe him that.
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The Cardinals game is infinitely more valuable than the AFC Ravens or AFC Steelers.

Get your priorities straight.
you didn't need this here to make your point Dr. you could have asked this in "ask a mod" in vet forum.
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I say delete em all
I'm going to put SIGNED at the bottom of my post, and that makes things official and Harbaugh will read this for sure.

Originally posted by modninerfan:
I say delete em all


Wow.....that is alot of F.Gore

Where's Ang when you..........oh......
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I 100% agree.
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