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NFL season half over... what are your thoughts??

first off i have to say i'm totally suprised that the 9ers are 7-1 even as a huge homer, i didn't think we would go 7-1 maybe 5-3 at best 6-2, totally impressed with what i have seen so far. next this defense is really good, i mean really really good.... IMO we don't really have a weakness on that side of the ball. every part of the D is playing at a very high level. the front 7 are making the game just to easy for the our defensive backs, this defensive we have is scary good.
as for the offense i think we are underrated BIG time, i really feel that we could score with anybody in the league, i just feel we don't have to i.e. eagles game and the cowboys game who we did put 24 points on ( they have a really good defense) then played it way to conservative in the second half could have put even more if harbaugh wanted to (IMO)... harbaugh just chooses to hold on the ball and keep it away from the other team, which also takes time and pass attempts and rush attempts from out offense... the 49ers offense has one of the lowest total offense snaps 32nd in pass attempts and 3rd in rush attempts in the league and it isn't because the offense sucks, its because of our style. the 9ers have a total of 455 offense snaps this season vs. 487 against us.... which is pretty good considering we always have the lead, meaning most teams have to pass more to catch up... which in turn means more offense snaps for the other team. i'm trying to say is we shorten the game giving the other teams less chances to score against us.
the last thing is our special teams is the sh*t we have maybe the best in the league..... always starting with great field position and giving the other teams horrible starting points.

long story short..... this team is great and has a great chance to win the super bowl.... no doubt against any team just because of our style of play and our great defense.
Very glad were 7-1
D is legit
O not so much
Special Teams is beastin
Harbaugh is a god at handshakes
This 7-1 still hasn't sunk in on me
Here's my thoughts- WE'RE 7-1 AND f**kING AWESOME!!!!!

That's all I have to say at the moment about that...
Just wait until we get to 8-1, heads will start exploding.
This is a special season. It hasn't quite sunk in yet, it seems like it happened so fast, but all of a sudden we are back, we are for real, we are having a "cinderella" season and it has only just begun.

It's almost like a miracle. Just incredible.
Shocked, amazed, gratified and excited about the rest of the season. I've seen them go from 6-10 to 13-3 with a championship before and although I don't expect that to happen this year, it's just a great feeling to know it's possible. Back then, we had a coach who was defying current convention, just like we have today. None of the mainstream sports media believed in them in 81. They treated the Niners like they were some sort of fake and constantly complained about the "dinking and dunking." Most of them picked the Cowboys in the Championship game and most of them picked the Bengals in the Superbowl. This year, maybe everything old is new again.
the fact that nobody says to me, they aren't legit or whatever they will lose a bunch soon is alarming to me. everybody goes, man that coach is good, your defense is unreal, frank gore is the truth etc. rarely you get a slight alex comment but i dont care about that. we're 7-1 and we're playing great football and seem to be getting better and i really think our offense is going to be clicking with all of our weapons by playoff time. lookout nfl, the 49ers are back!
Compared to last year when the SF Giants won it all, right now I have the same feeling I had going into that last series against the Padres at the end of September:

-pretty much had the division wrapped up
-trying not to overlook ahead too much to the playoffs
- liking the overall attitude and intangible "it" factor the team has
- still wondering how far this team can go once they do get in the playoffs (if they can overcome "established" playoff teams that have been there more recently

If we win 2/3 or even sweep the NYGmen, Ravens and Steelers...then it'll be like when the Giants beat the Phillies...bring any team on
I am giddy with excitement, and am already as pleased as I dare dreamed I would be at seasons end and we have 1/2 the schedule yet to go.

This really is a special season regardless of how it turns out and it's evidence to a bright future for our Niners

1. Gore is not done. However, I feel as if Hunter needs a few more carries.
2. Baalke is legit. His draft picks hit as well as the free agents. Aldon, Cully, Hunter, Miller, Jones have all contributed. Costanzo, Gooden and others have been ST mainstays. Rogers has been the closest to a shutdown corner we've had in many years and how many points would we have without David "Automatic" Akers?
3. Coaching is legit. Franklin, Spikes, Clements and Baas left and we are actually better collectively.
4. Call it babysitting or whatever but Smith has given us a better chance than anyone else. Who would have imagined? Harbaalke has encouraged Alex and guess what? I am confident he will start hitting on some of the deep passes he has been missing on in the second half of the season.
5. Staff is competent. Our definition of physical is not running into a brick wall until it collapses. Our definition is versatility is going over, around, through or under. Also we have put our players in a position to contribute. Slants to guys built for the run after the catch.
6. Management made this all possible. I'll credit Jed for hiring our highest profile FA Jim Harbaugh. Without him none of this would have been possible.

All in all I am happy with the progress we have shown. I don't want to say super bowl but I believe we can be extremely dangerous in the playoffs when our coaches and player get caught up from the lack of a offseason. Our formula really is to hit people in the mouth this year.
It was hard to imagine that harbaugh could of lived up to the hype when he was being pursued by NFL teams but he has greatly surpassed that and we are only half way though the season. He is getting the most out of his players talents with schemes and coaching. Im confident he is going to lead this team to it's sixth super bowl title. Maybe not this year but soon
Alex Smith the Freight Train of Greatness will lead us far in the playoffs...

I came?
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Alex Smith the Freight Train of Greatness will lead us far in the playoffs...

It's an Intergalactic Phoenix at this point.
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