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Fortunes of NFL smile on SF

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I wish they were at full strength, never be afraid against competition.

This. You always wanna play a team at full strength. To see where you stack up.

I don't disagree. You feel better about the win if you knew you beat the other side at their best but......

A win is a win. Just can't get enough of those in the NFL soooo...healthy or not, I'll take it!

I agree to... not... disagree (?) Peyton Hillis is healthy btw and don't overlook this team it can be a shocker
I am not looking ahead--one game at a time---but I really want to get a first round bye and a home game first game. Then anything is possible the rest of the way. I haven't been this excited about the Niners in 15 years.
Hey. This is a good two weeks to figure some stuff out about our team. If we have arrived then we should have two easy victories to tune up for the Giants. I'll be tuned in and I'll be rooting for us to tear those Browns boys up.
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Originally posted by RichnSanRamon:
And now the Redskins put their #1 TE on IR, Chris Cooley, which is not good for them because Shanahan has typically used playmaking TE's extremely well (see, Jones, Brent).

It actually is somewhat good for them in one sense... Fred Davis, their #2 TE is a better player than Cooley is (although Cooley is solid and they would be a better team with him as well).
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