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Am i the only one...

Threads like this one make my heart hurt on the inside. Honestly we have a long hard road ahead of us, our schedule is pretty f*cking hard. I will be surprised if we get out of this season with an 8-8 record.
WHOS WITH ME??????!!!!!!!!! GO ALEX!!!!!
WHOS WITH ME??????!!!!!!!!! GO ALEX!!!!!
im refering to our giants! i could care less about the nyg's. todays game should make you guys start to by into what im sellin!
im going to bump the hell out of this on superbowl sunday! Tampa down. Detroit here we come!
I'm with ya. BRING ON DETROIT!!!
After today, I don't think there's a team we can't beat.
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I catch myself fantasizing more and more...but not yet. One game at a time.

But we can beat anybody in the NFL, no doubt.
Originally posted by father49er:
After today, I don't think there's a team we can't beat.


oo so deep
I'm picking this team to sneak into the NFC Championship, and lose a close shoot-out with the Packers.

Originally posted by DonnieDarko:

oo so deep

im just glad i started this thread so early. mabey next year you guys will give me some credit and stop locking my threads lol.
Originally posted by Humboldt9er:
WHOS WITH ME??????!!!!!!!!! GO ALEX!!!!!
I am bro, Go Alex!!!
Originally posted by AlexSmithNWessonOil:
Homie, have you even LOOKED at our schedule? Put down the weed brownies at take a gander. Philly at Philly, Tampa at home, Detroit at Detroit, then AT Wash, AT Baltimore. Bro, this could be our last week with a winning record all year.

and the niners beat Philly in Philly and just destroyed TB whats your point...LOL
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
The Giants had an elite pitching staff, basically the most important unit to have. There is nothing elite about the niners other than the kicking game.

so why didnt the giants repeat again this year? Their pitching staff was / is Still an elite group
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