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Should we trade Vernon Davis?

Should we trade Vernon Davis?

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Originally posted by Godsleftsock:
That's simply untrue

lol what part?
Originally posted by krizay:
lol what part?

all of it
Originally posted by susweel:

Didn't read lol
I would trade him for a top tier QB or RB if the opportunity came up. He isn't as good as we make him out to be. A man that has his skillset and speed should be able to get open when our QB needs help on 3rd down.

I believe Vernon's problem is he doesn't work hard enough to get open. A good TE will act as a safety valve when nobody is open downfield. His problem is he rarely settles into a soft spot in coverage which doesn't help the QB much. I agree Delanie is just as good and should be used more. That was a waste of a pick IMHO. I know I will get heat for this but it is only my opinion
Originally posted by baltien:
Originally posted by Joecool:
Our receivers are as fast as any team in the league. I don't see where Niners fans get our receivers being slow from.

It's another one of those oft-repeated things that eventually becomes fact.

As of right now, New England is the top passing team in the league. Who in their receiving corps not named Welker is a burner? That's right -- no one. They're successful passing the ball because their coach is the best strategist in the game (and arguably in the history of the NFL). Same deal in Green Bay. None of their receivers are particularly known for torching anyone. Yet they remain a threat because of excellent route-running, great hands, and (again) solid scheming.

Our passing woes come from the fact that our QB is inconsistent, playing behind an even more inconsistent line that can't give him three seconds to throw. Until those two issues are addressed, we can have four DeSean Jackson's running down field every play and it won't make a bit of difference.

More so because of Brady. Belicheat didn't do so well before Brady ( I don't think) and we will see how he does after.
The thing that frustrates me the most about vernon is his lack of desire after the catch. He never runs through any tacklers. He just doesnt have the punishing mentality that a tight needs. Constantly gets arm tackled by DBs' friggin drives me crazy!!!
Originally posted by swag141:
More so because of Brady. Belicheat didn't do so well before Brady ( I don't think) and we will see how he does after.

I agree...Isnt Bellicheck more of a defensive guy...Brady seems to have masterminded that offense at the LOS much like peyton. Sure there is coaches and a system but I dont think they'd ever be as prevalent as they are with Brady
Originally posted by QBguru:
Originally posted by susweel:

Didn't read lol

This thread is still going?

Oh, and on a good note, I found the smileys

Yeah we shud trade his worthless @ss...Didnt he tie of NFL record for TD receptions by a TE (13TD tie w/ Gates) two years ago?

I know the league is what have you done for me recently but you don't trade a TE with HOF potential. Vernon is not John Mackey but has the potential to be just as good given the opportunities IMO...Not too many TE can block DEs, DTs, OLBs with proficiency and can run a 4.3 40 down the field and beat you in the seams like he can...
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Originally posted by 49ERwhiner:
Originally posted by Chico:
I love the potential talent but he has hands of stone and alligator arms. What's the purpose of having a 4.3 speed TE when we just keep him in to block. We are wasting our time and cutting his career short. Delanie Walker would do just as good if not better. Plus, we're paying the dude MILLIONS of dollars as pretty much a small right tackle.

thoughts? suggestions? opinions?

Be patient , you're over reacting. His role will change when the OL finally improves their playand factor in he is getting a great deal of attention by the defense with Edwards out and Crabs not playing. IMVHO

we've been 4-5 years patience!!! same with Alex... i'm tired of these 5 year projects!
Originally posted by modninerfan:
Originally posted by Joecool:
He was a first round draft pick and, similar to Vernon, he had some off the charts measurables. So, to say Vernon would do great in NE is false. He wouldn't even be able to keep up with his route assignments there.

Tell me, which part of the field has VD had the majority of his success? What do defense try to stop in terms of Vernon more than anything? Why is he THE only top TE who cannot beat double teams? Why is he the ONLY top TE who cannot effectively/consistently get the ball on the shorter routes?

So you are saying Alex is stunting Vernon? What about when Shaun Hill played effectively and Vernon was nowhere around in the shorter routes?

Just like it is fair to put two and two together when we don't see Alex make certain throws, I'm sure there's a reason why we don't see Vernon in certain routes.

This video just settled the debate.
Krizay has way too many aliases.....
you guys are going a little hard on vernon. Its early in the season and we've had major issues on offense the guys entire career. 2009 was proof that if we get solid qb play, vernon can do well. problem is that he hasnt been in the game plan very prominantly and hes getting frustrating so hes being little girl and phoning it in on gameday. Hes not motivated.
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