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Nate Byham out for season

  • jrg
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Per agent, #49ers tight end Nate Byham has torn ACL. Will have surgery in two weeks. Out for season.
This sucks. Solid blocking TE paired with soft mitts.

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meh his girlfriend is ugly
God it just keeps getting worse and worse ....
Damn . I think he can be replaced though. He wasn't going to get many looks in the passing game since the focus will be on VD and Walker. But his blocking skill could've helped a lot in Harbaugh's power run formations. I guess this gives Corcoran a chance to make the team. Hopefully he beats out Norris, because Norris is in no way a WCO fullback.
Damn. Not easily replaced at all! He is the prototype TE for this offense. Without the best blocking TE on the team. In fact, the way we used him last year actually helped the bad guys (telegraphing schemes and plays)!

Nate, get well and get back as soon as you can. You will be missed.

Time for fans to get to know Colin Cloherty and Konrad Reuland. Harbaugh is going to carry 4 TE's and and fewer than expected WR's, especially with Walker's flexibility to play a WR position, in any given formation/player package.

As Reuland said recently about the TE'S, "Much will be expected of us". As I recall, Luck through 3 TD passes to TE's in Harbaugh's last game at Stanford.

Byham is a tough kid, who will be back in 2012.
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I actually like this kid.
3rd string TE
Can you say trent baalke please get on the phone with kevin Boss's agent and get him here with a 3-4 year deal. Harbaughs offense uses multiple TE's, Boss can block and catch, and simply is in the right place at the right time, a key componenet for a wCO TE.
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