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What year was your favorite 49er team?

mines was 1997. Yea, both Rice and Young got hurt in the same game. Yea, we lost to green bay in 1997, but I thought this was the best team since the 94' superbowl year. I remember Jerry Rice coming back, electrifying the crowd, and scoring the touchdown-until he got hurt again. And we beat the broncos. With all respect to the 1998 team, this team had the best chance of winning the superbowl, but green bay was the better team.
It would be a 3 way tie between 89,94 and 98(Is that the year we lost Hearst on the second play to the Falcons in the playoffs?-we dont lose him, we win the Super Bowl that year).
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It would be a 3 way tie between 89,94 and 98(Is that the year we lost Hearst on the second play to the Falcons in the playoffs?-we dont lose him, we win the Super Bowl that year).

Yeah, 98 I believe.

- 98
my fav team would have to be the 89 team and the 98 team with rod woodson and kevin greene
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1989 was my favorite team. It was just dominating .... opponents just had no hope toward the end of the season... not even close.

My Favorite....and by far the best team to win the SB...that 89 team would have crushed the 85 bears...

The whole 1989 post season was amazing, but I've never seen a physical beat down, by any team, like the one the 89 team put on the Rams in the second half of the NFC Championship.

It was effing beautiful . . . .

Yes! Chrissy Everett and the phantom sack! That was hillarious and awesome at the same time!
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1. 1981-First is always the best
2. 1989-Best Niner team ever and top five all time
3. 1984-Great year after superbowl in 81, strike in 82 then screwed in 83.
4. 1988-The second biggest surprise winner after 1981
5. 1994-Great team, but loaded with mercenaries. It was great to punk the Cowboys!

1991 - Honorable mention. Didn't make the playoffs but they were fun down the stretch.
Great years. A list such as this is probably needed. It is difficult to pick just one. Each one had its unique and inspiring storyline. 1989 was a year of complete euphoria, where a Super Bowl champion simply gets better the next year and ends the dream season going on to a repeat championship, with a 55-10 victory. Dennis Smith and Steve At**ter were supposed to make Jerry fear their hits. John Elway's bullet passes would challenge Joe to match him. Charles Haley, Michael Carter, Kevin f*gan, and Pierce Holt disrupted the line of scrimmage while Ronnie Lott displayed his great leadership in the secondary. In 1981 the 49ers were supposed to lose to the Cowboys again and fulfill their destiny as a perennial bottom dweller. Joe, Dwight Clark and Eric Wright, clearly had not bought into that thinking and were going to make plays that changed the history of the franchise. That and the goal line stand by the defensive front in the Super Bowl defined the 49er resolve. 1988 came as a year where Anthony Carter had supposedly become the best wide receiver in the league, supplanting Jerry. The disappointing 1987 loss to the Minnesota Vikings was supposed to be an omen of things to come. Then, en route to a Super Bowl victory over the Bengals, Jerry collected his MVP trophy. Roger Craig was the NFL Offensive Player of the Year. John Taylor had catch that capped off "The Drive" and in the huddle, Joe talked about a comedian named John Candy while driving down field for the Super Bowl winning touchdown. 1984 established the 49ers in the running for team of the decade. Roger Craig and Joe put on a show, while the defense led once again by Eric Wright, Fred Dean, Ronnie Lott and many talented players overwhelmed the new star quarterback of the Dolphins, named Dan Marino. That would be the first and last time Dan Marino would play in a Super Bowl. Local fans celebrated the game in their own backyard at Stanford Stadium. 1994 was the year for Steve Young to finally placate the critical Bay Area fans and step out of Joe's shadow. It was also a time for the 49ers to get past the new Cowboy obstruction with Deion Sanders blanketing Michael Irvin, Ricky Jackson delivering some of the loudest hits on Emmit Smith, and it's hard to forget Merton Hank's chicken dance. Deion was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Jerry was Jerry and Ricky Watters came of age to become the Roger Craig like player that was needed. It is difficult to include every great moment and player because there were so many. Great years.

Eric Wright, Roger Craig, Charles Haley, John Taylor and several other 49ers should be in the HOF. Also, the 49er offensive linemen like Jesse Sapolu and Guy McIntyre that revolutionized the positions with Bill Walsh's offense and won several Super Bowls should be in there.
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94 all the way steve young had the greatest year I've every seen from a QB, loved Brent Jones laying out for all those catches , greatest secondary in history I show my son Primetime and Merton Hanks to get him fired up for another 200 pushups

1989 was the best team ever they barely lost 2 games but clearly outmatched every opponent they faced and in Super Bowl XXIV the game was over by the 3rd quarter.
Wait, what? Some optimism from SanDiego49er? Oh, ok, nevermind. I see the sarcasm!

89 team by far is my fav...should have been the first undefeated team ever!
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1) 89 was an amazing team with a "homegrown" feeling
2) 94 was an amazing team with an "added a bunch of allstars and SB or bust" feeling

I personally like Young over Montana just from personal interactions at fan events with both, but you can't go wrong with either team. But just the level of athleticism on the 94 team would probably beat the 89 team in terms of "best team ever."

I wish.... I HELLA WISH that those two teams played one another.

I know it's not possible, but still....

- 98

joe would of led his team over that 94 team. he was too competitive to lose to young. that is one of the things that made him so great was his "i refuse to lose to anyone" with the talent on that 89 team and how well they worked together.. that 89 team would of won. plus montana beat that 94 team with the chiefs lol.
94 and 98. I'd give 94 a slight edge for winning the super bowl.
The one that had garrison hearst when he broke his ankle in the playoffs.
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