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What year was your favorite 49er team?

2002 because thats when i started watching the 49ers
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Originally posted by CaptainTabasco:
2002 because thats when i started watching the 49ers

I'm sorry.
Im 23 and didnt really start knowing what I was watching till about 96 but I would say my favorite team was the:

1998 Young, Hearst, Owens, Rice that season they kicked off the year with hearsts 96 yard TD run in OT against the Jets and than in the wild card finally beat Brett Farve with Owens miracle catch
1994 is the only one i have been alive for
Originally posted by CaptainTabasco:
2002 because thats when i started watching the 49ers

Then you my friend are a true
I remember watching the niners and rooting them on since I was a kid. I was 6 years old when I was wearing a Jerry Rice jersey with probably most others in the room wearing a dallas jersey when we played them in the NFC championship and we won to move on to beat SD in the super bowl. the 90s team with Young and Rice I will remember as a kid but growing up Id have to say the 2000-2002 was my favorite team. Garcia, Owens, Hearst, Barlow, Peterson, Parrish, BY.... But sadly during HS and now being 23 you can only put your heart in and root on this 2005-2011 team.. AS, Gore, Willis, VD, Crabtree, Clements, Justin Smith and Staley
I'm very young, so I'd say the year we beat the packers with the catch II (1998 i think?). I remember crying before the play, thinking we lost, and then going crazy as a little 6 year old.
'89 seems the team was playing with a chip on it's shoulder proving they could win without BW. Joe Montana was just freakin unstoppable.
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
I am just turning 27, and would love to say one of the 1st 4 SB's, but I can't.

So i am going with the 49ers last SB season. That was like my shining moment being a niners fan, even if I was young, it made me a complete 49er fan.

I have gone thru as well as everyone thru tough season after season. But I know things are looking good. We have a good coach, and I think Harbaugh is the guy who can actually take Alex and make him good.

Alex's best yr was in 06 i believe when we had Norv Turner, that was his most impressive yr.


and with norv turner he did the most with a little and was still 22 years old i think if harbaughs offense is as good as advertised i think we will have a good year

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1981 - You never forget the first time.

1989 - Honorable Mention for one of the most dominant teams ever.
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
Originally posted by CaptainTabasco:
2002 because thats when i started watching the 49ers

Then you my friend are a true

Originally posted by AlexIsClass:
Originally posted by btthepunk:
Erickson, Rattay, Dorsey, Barlow, Conway, Woods, Lloyd, Johnson!
That offense was stacked!

That's actually a very good supporting cast, but those quarterbacks couldn't take advantage because they were so abysmal. Had Alex Smith played with that 04 team (and not as a rookie), he would've been a Pro Bowler.

Manning and Brady might have gotten that team to 8-8.
I'm only 25 so bear that in mind when I exclude the 80's teams (gut-wrenching that I missed out on that era).

1. 1998 team- I know it's sounds ludicrous to put this team over the '94 Super-Bowl winning team but I was older when this team was around and I could appreciate the game more (I was 13 in 98). Finally beating the biggest rival of my age group (Green Bay) in the fashion they did is something I'll never forget. Had we not lost Hearst in the ATL game this team was bound for the Super Bowl.

2. 1994 team- I was only 9 so it was difficult to soak in this SB win as much as I would have liked to. Nevertheless, I was a diehard fan even at the ripe age of 9. I'm pretty sure I can still name every starter on this team. Unbelievable how many star players we had on that squad.
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