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49ers likely to be fined for Harbaugh's workouts with Alex Smith

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I needed a laugh.
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When is this nightmare going to end?

Alex is already getting Harbaugh in trouble and the season hasn't even started yet. I hope he sees that Alex is radioactive and get rid of the guy before he gets a third coach fired like he did Nolan and Singletary!
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I was at that game and was seriously sick to my stomach after this play.
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Oh wait, look what I just found on a blog. Niners got fined for getting too many fines, Roger don't like us any more. See, what I said; Don't pay, flip em off. Here you go, check it out:

You're not going to believe this one that just hit profootballtalk: League Fines 49ers For Getting Too Many Fines Key quotes - Goodell: "It's clear that a culture of violation has become ingrained in the 49er organization. Today I'm sending them a clear message - the violation must end."

On whether the 49ers were really doing anything different than every other NFL team, Goodell said: "I can only comment on what I know. I know the 49ers have had multiple violations, I know I can fine them, and I know they will pay it quickly and without complaint."

On whether Goodell would level a similar fine on the Rooneys or Jerry Jones, Goodell said, "Each circumstance is unique. All of the criteria I laid out on why I could fine the 49ers are not necessarily there with the Steelers or Cowboys." On whether the 49ers have become Goodell's whipping boy: "I just think that sometimes you need to send a message to the other teams or players or whomever, and when you do that, you kind of choose the path of least resistance."

On whether a possible $100 million loan for new stadium construction from the NFL to the 49ers gives Goodell undue leverage over the 49ers: "Let's just say it doesn't make my position any weaker." John York: "We respect the NFL's rules and Commissioner Goodell's decision." Here's the link:

Read more: Report: 49ers 'likely violator' of pre-lockout rule
Tune to SportsNet Central at 6, 10:30 and midnight on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area for more on this story
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If your not cheating then you're not tryin'

f**k Goodfornothing...
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Originally posted by Muggins879:

I needed a laugh.


for all the idiots who blame our OL, Smith had a guy wide open short right if he gets the ball out on time....but nooooo he has to roll out and try to make a throw across his body while being chased by a LB who has the angle on him....

This is the recurring theme for his career.

I hate this f**ker.
This has turned into yet another bash Smith thread.
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